Should I transplant into pots?

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    They're a little over 2 weeks old, they're on little mounds in the woods. Would I be better off finding some plastic pots and transplanting them? About 10 feet away is another spot with 2 more. Its kindof a far way to water them alot, so would transplanting into pots be better or would it be dangerous? Also, would it be good to put stones in the bottom or something? Thanks :D
  2. Also I plan on straightening them out with some sticks and string. The soil is very weird, I think it's contaminated. It's along railroad tracks kindof, water goes right on top the soil and looks oily but doesn't sink through. I think I'm just going to transplant them into better soil from farther away now that I think about it. But any tips are still greatly appeciated. :rolleyes:
  3. let them be. your probally going to get nothing of them thow. if you move them this young thell probally die
  4. if you do decide to transplant then get a nice scoop of dirt do that the roots aren't disturbed
  5. YES, get them out of that dirt.

    Get a few party cups and bore some drain holes in the bottom (cherry on a cigarette works good if you don't melt the cup too hard).

    fill the cups with potting mix and pre-moisten. hollow out a hole to receive the transplant.

    Use a spoon (tablespoon) to get a clump of the crap dirt that contains the root (as little of the dirt as you can without exposing the root). Plant the seedling at about the same depth as it is growing...maybe a quarter inch deeper.

    Firm the potting mix around the transplant and water in. Let it grow.

    Good luck
  6. Can I dig a large hole and just fill it with better soil and replant that way ? Thanks
  7. Yes, replant them into a soil that you know is good stuff.
  8. I would wait alittle bit longer to transplant unless you reach down deep into the soil because if you hit the roots with those tiny babies then they will get transplant shock and possibly die.
  9. In all my growing years I have never encountered any case of ´transplant shock´ - whatever that is.
    In fact I find that after transplanting my ladies go into turbo grow as the roots penetrate the fresh soil.
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    I never have actually had transplant shock before, but ive seen it on this site, its basically when people fuck up the roots during the transplanting and then they transplant it into shitty miracle grow. But i guess it just makes the leaves droppy but it corrects itself unless its a tiny seedling ( like that one).

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