Should I Top now? Day 31 Pics!

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  1. Hi all , can you please let me know if I should top now.

    The general advice is:
    "If your plants appear tall and spindly for their age at three weeks, they probably require a little trimming to ensure a nice full leafy plant. At three weeks of age your plant should have at least two sets of branches or four leaf clusters and a top. To prune the plant, simply slice the top off just about the place where two branches oppose each other. Use a razor blade in a straight cut. If you want to, you can root the top in some water and when the roots appear, plant the top in moist soil and it should grow into another plant. If you are going to root the top you should cut the end again, this time with a diagonal cut so as to expose more surface to the water or rooting solution. The advantage to taking cuttings from your plant is that it produces more tops. The tops have the resin, and that's the name of the game. Every time you cut off a top, the plant seeds out two more top branches at the base of the existing branches. Pruning also encourages the branches underneath to grow faster than they normally would without the top having been cut. "

    My plants are almost a month old now. Please see the attached pics.

    Also, when cloning the mentions above about using water. Will plain water with Hydrogen peroxide work?

    Thanks in advance!

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  2. Here's are the NL#5

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  3. Here's the SK#1

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  5. what strains are you growing??
    they look nice at the mo and yes i would start topping them now they look ready....
    how many grows have you done or is this the first batch of lovelies????

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  6. Thanks for the reply thedominater_uk!

    I am growing a variety of NL, Sk, Y2K (SAtiva). Can some please tell me where I should I top for a clone?

    Is it the Shoots at the top?
    Is it the set of branches below the top shoots?

    Also, how do I place the shoot in a water? Will tissue paper do?

  7. if you are going to clone the plant you need some cloning solution and cut any branch on the bottom of the plant and dip it into the solution. It will then grow roots off the bottome then plant it. Get the solution called rootone.yes the shoots are at the top. if your going to top it do it now and chop ofthe main top one and when it grow up to a fork again, then top the middle again so it will grow out. this will make it a big bushy tree.

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