Should I top main stem in LST grow

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  1. Should i top the main stem of my plants I have been LSTing. I have topped some of the branches, but I don't know if i want to stunt the main stem or cause is to divide. It looks like there will be plenty of bud sites, and side growth has been promoted by lsting. Why would/should I top the main steam?

    Check my journal to see what I mean

    Thanks team GC!
  2. idk for sure but that kinda sounds like alot of stress i would do one or the other. the buds will prolly not be as big doin both.
  3. Well you did is a little back asswords the point of fiming is to cut the top so the lower groth will get more hormones and make more potent bud
  4. fim it, i lsted and fimed all my kids

  5. Wait.... since WHEN?

    Fimming is just a stupid word for topping. It creates 4 tops instead of one. I don't know where this hormone thing came from, but it sounds incredibly phony.
  6. When you cut the top watch how fast the lower groth starts to grow
  7. It grows at the same rate as one that I haven't cut. I've never seen increased growth rate while topping. Other than the fact that it produces more tops that'll grow, it doesn't make other growth faster.

    Where did you learn this?
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    Because it sends more hormones to the lower groth but just until the other topps on top start to grow again whitch is a few days
  9. no. you are pinching off the main stem ie the main growth highway. since it no longer has a main stem to grow, all its growing energy goes into growing out the branches it has ie its lower nodes. topping and fimming is just a way to shorten & bush your plant out by redirecting the plant's natural growth energy to viable points on the plant.
  10. In hydro I dont have much of recover time from topping but it does slow growth down on your plant.When you chop off the top it takes some time for your plant to adjust and adapt.
    I did notice however when I was using soil the recovery time was much slower.
    I think the best method is to pinch the stem to soften it then bend it down so it is no longer the tallest part of the plant better know as supper cropping(which is also LST).
    I find this works best for me.I only remove fan leaves and sick leaves from my girls.I dont see any reason to cut your girls stem just bend em.You will accomplish the same thing with a extra branch that you would have cut.Unless you have strict height or girth restrictions there is no need to cut your stem.
  11. Topping eliminates the plants main source of auxin, the hormone produced at the tips of growing stems that produces apical dominance. Removing the main source of auxin skews the hormone balance and makes it more gibberellic acid-heavy. GA is the hormone responsible for elongating cells other than those at the tip, which is what creates the effect of lower branches growing at an increased rate.

    Topping is used in many floriculture operations other than cannabis, a prime example being poinsettias. Studies have shown that topping poinsettias from when they have 8-10 nodes down to 5-7 nodes increases final total flowers per plant by as much as four times. The same principle applies in our case, because, as you should know, buds are flowers.

    Source: I'm a senior horticulture major at a prominent land grant university.

  12. Amen! so does fimming pretty much do the same thing?
  13. Actually its correct. What do you think happens when you top a plat? Hormones redirect energy into the secondary nodes causing them to become main colas.
  14. It will only take one side by side to convince this statement as incorrect, promise
  15. Okay I'm no science major or anything so I sort of agree with the koochieboy, however so everyone here is clear on their definitions, FIMMING= Fuck I Missed, supercropping= occurs when you "fold" a branch pretty much in half, LST= Low Stress Training a.k.a. tying that bitch down using string, wire, or any other type cord material. I personally use yarn in my LSTing. I hope this helps ya some.

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