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should I toke up tomorrow?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by suvart, Apr 20, 2016.

  1. Background: Been smoking for 2 years, but about 10 months ago parents caught me, I can't move out till the summer. They used to test me every month but in the past 5 months they've lightened up to only when they get a little suspicious. In general now I avoid smoking just because it's not worth getting caught (parents wouldn't help pay for college) unless its with a friend or group of friends I don't see very often. I've been clean for a 1 1/2 or 2 months now and they haven't tested me. A group of friends I rarely smoke with including a really good friend I haven't seen since I got caught are smoking tomorrow and want me to as well. The question is should I smoke since it's likely they won't test me or should I stay clean on the off chance that they see a news story (happened with CNN last year) or a friend at work tells them it's a day where all smokers light up?
  2. I think that you should put off smoking until you can support yourself as an adult.
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  3. We don't really know your situation well enough to offer good advice. But Goodluck
  4. I would say no
  5. I am living with my parents but in a different situation lol in my house it's not allowed but isn't too big of a deal. I would do it but be smart about it, I smoke every day at my crib and I just don't get retarted bake and they don't say anything, also I go out side. I would do it give it atleast 2hrs before you go home to be safe sence your gonna be baked from that T-break, use eye drops and avoid them without being suspious, in the end you know your parents and we don't so it's your call.
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  6. Yeah I can avoid getting caught smokin and being baked I just don;t know about the test. I'm leanin towards not I just figured a second opinion would be good.
  7. If they know about 4/20 you are going to be tested
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  8. TL;DR tmw is 420, toke till u choke

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