Should i toke thru rough times?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by QueDrive, Aug 2, 2003.


Should i toke?

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  1. I've been goin thru some rough times lately and it seems a lot of the times i toke, i dont even feel good anymore. Its like i feel guilty because i know im only doin it to cover up shit. Do u guys think i should stop tokin for a lil while and try to let the rough times pass or keep tokin and hope for the best?

  2. You???? Never!!!!!!!!!

    I see no problem with toking doing the rough times. If you toke through the good times, then why not the bad?

  3. I think avoiding what is wrong, can be worse in the also depends on what the problem is. but also, if it takes your mind off of things for a while, take the stress off, then it can be a good release. mind I ask what the rough times are?
  4. Since I've been havin some rough problems to deal with, The advice that worked best for me is to take some time to talk about it w/ sum1 and clear things up in your own mind before you start tokin it up.Once your mind can deal than you can start to understand that some circumstances aren't as crutial as you once thought they were.If the problem is real bad than really give yourself a good amount of time to think about them.
  5. why would u wanna stop tokin??? toke through rough times and any fucking times... weed makes everything funner !;)

  6. not even funner..... just a lil bit better.... it takes things of your mind, sometimes even helps you put your problems into perspecitve...
  7. If you're using weed to run away from a situation, especially if you are constantly using it to run away, then you need to stop using it, or at least take a break from it. If you use it for recreation, then it's all good.
  8. I say take some time to concentrate on the hard times from a stoned perspective. Weed always helps me see things in a different light, maybe youll teach yourself somthing new..

  9. exactly
  10. smokin bud almost always helps me through hard times, it makes me think clearer and i look at stuff from different points of view, so when im high i usually patch things together with my friends.
  11. I say don't toke up through hard times. By the end, you'll be better and happier because you experienced the pain and got through it. If you toke then you bury all that stuff, and you never really deal with it.
    So save up the weed, buy some cool shit, and pick a date to toke again. It'll be worth it.
  12. hmm all depends on the problem .. if its finacial dunt waste ur money on stuff u dunt need I.E. "weed" the bills do sumtin like that ..if its like sumtin in skewl or with somthing u need to be serious about ..bein stoned wont help ..if its just u having a bad day or sum shit like that.. a break up shure ..but always rember weed doesnt help shit go away..if u think that ull becom mentally adicted in some cases just be carefull..

    an example if u take Valium everytime u got an injury or your hurt.. ur gonna get addicted .. kuz ull think the Drug solves everything itll just fuck u up worse in the long run
  13. In wise words from Half Baked ...

    "Hey, you smoke?"
    "No, my grandmother died of lung cancer."
    "I'm sorry to hear that."
    "Well, that's all the more reason to toke up, man, ease the pain!"
  14. well - i have stopped in order to get through some tough times, and even though the times are still tough, i keep my fast, because i know that weed won't help me here.
  15. It depends on you man. If you're just doing it just to do it and aren't even enjoying or getting anything out of it, then take a break...BUT...what always works for me is I get really high by myself and I just sit or lay down and look at my life...try to put it into perspective...and 99% of the time I do this, I realize that things aren't anywhere near as bad as I thought they were and even if they were, there's always gonna be a solution, wheather it be an action that you need to do or maybe time is the only thing that will take care of it, but either way, I understand that the problems WILL go away. And the great thing is, even after I come completely down, I still retain that enlightenment that I got when I was high, I still have that understanding that everything will work out. So, try doing that, just get high, go to your room, turn out the lights, put on some soothing music or no music and just look at your life and what's going on...hopefully that'll help. If not, then don't waste your money on the weed if it's not going to do anything for ya...first get things sorted out then get back to tokin :) Good luck
  16. You guys know this thread is from August '03... right?
  17. If its the cost of the shit u smoking thats the prob u should take a break man then when u restart only smoke allow yaself a certain ammount for awhile till things ease up then u can get high as hell again,If you got some bad probs you should smoke some shit and think about u problem properly and talk it thru with someone anyone Good luck Yo!
  18. so how are things now? the threadmaker still around?
  19. hey man if your tokin to hide from the hard times your tokin for all the wrong reasons, cuz there still gonna be there even if you are buzzed puffin is for feelin good not for supressing bad feelings

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