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Should I Toke Right Now?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ganja1123, Jan 16, 2010.

  1. I have some Strawberry Kush, and nothing to smoke out of besides a super ghetto waterbottle bong. its so ghetto that when I suck in hard it shrinks because it is so flimsy. however it works, just not as good as id like it to. cant really milk it up good at idk. and im not gonna make another one. im getting a real piece soon.

    so should i toke up tonight?
  2. Dont do it man. Enjoy the weed. And in the meantime, make a better bong.... make a parachutr/lung. it is the top of a bottle with a bag taped to the putside, so it hangs under the bottle top. somehow, put a bowl into the cap, and pack it. screw the cap on tightly. light, and slowly, pull the bag down(before you light up, make sure the bag is airtight and sucked up. you can do this by putting your mouth on the mouth of the bottle and sucking the air out of it.) this will fill the bag with smoke. now, unscrew the cap, and suck that shit up. stoned.
  3. Make it into a gravity bong.

    1. Fashion cap into a bowl...pretty self explanatory. Use some foil, poke holes, etc.
    2. Burn a hole into bottom of the bottle (like get a screwdriver hot with your lighter, poke through)
    3. Plug bottom of bottle, fill with water
    4. Screw weed-filled cap on top
    5. Unplug the hole on the bottom of the bottle as you light the herb on top. The suction caused by the water leaving the bottle will pull the flame into the weed
    6. Watch that delicious milky goodness fill up

    Repeat as necessary
  4. I said yes, but then you said no
  5. didnt even have to read the post. yes.
  6. this guys got it right
  7. wow balls im high.

    nasa high. i should stop typing now...haha. :smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke:
  8. Nasa high, I like that.
  9. Sure..why not?

    It's not the piece that gets you high..sure a quality piece can help but it's the bud that's gonna get you high.

    Just smoke through the shitty plastic long as the smoke gets to your lungs then it did the job just as good as a glass spoon.

    Enjoy :smoke:
  10. dude. enjoy it. idk if im late or not.

    but smoke that shit up. save some for tomorrow tho :smoke:
  11. Make a new bong!

  12. lol mouthwash bong


  13. im gonna smoke more
  14. It works very well! I'm gonna hit some legal herbs out of it.

    Yes, you came to your senses!
  15. nice bong man i should do that. i got all these empty mouthwash bottles around Lol. and nice whiskers lol wish I could gro a decent beard :eek:
  16. #16 thepookenheimer, Jan 16, 2010
    Last edited: Jan 16, 2010
    listen to him/her^^^

    or do as what WHL did with the mouthwash bottle.

    Hope i'm not too late :p
  17. Actually, you know what? Do half and half. just smoke a bit today, save he rest for tomorrow.
  18. like Nike always says: Just Do It!
  19. make a better crappy bong and hit it.
  20. Nah, man you might overdose... I heard that Strawberry Cough shit is too potent... I wouldn't risk it, ship it to me and I will dispose of it through the proper hazardous materials procedures.

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