Should I throw this plant on the compost pile?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Farm Dawg, May 14, 2011.

  1. I think there is something wrong with this plant. Part of me want's to chop it down and throw it on the compost pile. :devious:

    Any educated input?

  2. why would you chop that down?? it looks like the tips of the leaves are a bit miscolored but it looks good to me...small leaves though
  3. I'm gonna say it's probably in it's second week of flower.

    It's just not producing like this one:


    These are both the same strain started from seed at the same time from seed.
  4. that one definitely looks a lot nicer, but i wouldnt toss it.. any bud is good bud and you could make hash with em anyways... what strain? and do i see yellow on the leaves on the first pic? a deficiency or over fertilization maybe?
  5. The strain is called Master Mind it is a cross between Master Kush x Purple Urkel.

    I think I did something wrong.

    I've gotta a lot of plants that are doing better and kinda a small dark room. I will be moving more plant into the dark room to flower here in a week or two. I just don't know if this plant is worth the time and space it takes up.

    I don't know that's why I started this thread.
  6. give em some fertilizer of your not then, if you are that yellow might be an over fertilization burn.... why you moving them into a dark room when there flowering? you got high pressure sodiums or something?
  7. I started them under cfl's. They go outdoor for 12hrs then in a dark room for 12hrs.

    I've been feeding them fox farm full line nutes. I have been giving them full strength.

    The first plant did get burnt by the cfl's. Maybe I stunted the growth or something.
  8. could be... i know CFLs arent good for flowering though i heard you get really fluffy nugs cuz the light produced isnt enough, they look good though
  9. They go out in the sun. These plants aren't under cfl's any more.

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