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Should i throw away my one hitter?

Discussion in 'Dry Pieces, Glass Spoon Pipes and Sherlocks' started by isu8, Jan 3, 2012.

  1. Just use hot water and alcohol it will make it look brand new.
  2. if you dont want the resin, just put rubbing alcohol and salt in a baggie put you pipe in there and shake it, it will be clean in about 40 seconds.
  3. find a drill bit that's the size of your pipe. stick it down the tube and turn at the same time.

    take a small piece if paper and roll it into a ball. use a paperclip or something to push this wad of paper through.

    get a hanger. unbend the hook part so it's straight and stick that down your barrel.

    or qtips, as said before.

    anything is generally the same size as your tube will work.

    ink pen cartridges, pipe cleaners, wire with insulation, boil it, just use your head.
  4. run hot water through it
  5. I use paper clips all the time, but you might need 3 or 4 to really get it all out and make a clean pass.

    Don't throw it away! You never know when you might need the oneie. I call mine "Old Reliable".
  6. pipe cleaner, my man. my onie gets so clogged i can't even hit it. slide a pipe cleaner or two through it, and bam, just like new.
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    Don't throw it away take a metal coat hanger and straighten it out and use that. It fits perfectly. You may want to heat up the one hitter for a little with a lighter just to loosen up the resin. I hope this helps
  8. A closer hanger (the metal ones) are just the size of a one hitter and its alot more durable than a paper clip so i think it mite fit the imo
  9. If none of these suggestions work, drop it in some Simple Green for a few hours and that'll do the job :smoke:
  10. ISO alcohol. Nuff said.
  11. Take you lighter and light it then run the blue part of the flame along the pipe for like 30 seconds or or until it gets too hot to hold if it heats up faster than expected and then just turn it to the side and it should just drip out..... take a paperclip and punch a hole through it. If you're like me and don't mind smoking resin, this will allow airflow and you can now smoke the resin out. If you're like one of the people that just think it's nasty, continue using paperclip until it's clean.

    You can pretty much use everyone else's suggestions too. They all work, but I've never tried the microwave one. And since I don't know how that'd go, I personally wouldn't do it since you're sticking metal in a microwave.

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