Should I Text This Girl Or Wait For Her?

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  1. Okay, so since March I started being friends with a girl in my class. Now we are both back in our city for the summer (same city). I haven't hung out with her since school ended in mid april. She used to text me much more often back then, and told me we should take the same classes together next year so we can study together. Back then I didn't really contact her much, she'd always contact me.
    Now recently i've been contacting her and I noticed it's kinda only me contacting her. she always replies pretty quick. We are suppose to register for our classes in a week and she hasn't talked to me about what classes she is taking.
    Also last weekend I invited her out to a nightlclub, I told her i'm going with my guy friend and she should come out with us. she told me she hurt herself at work. she then told me she might go clubing with this girl in our class this weekend and I can come. but she hasn't txted me about it since last week.
    Oh and to make it clear, I am not interested in her as more than friends. What do you think it going on? Do you think she thinks i want more and is backing off?  she also know I like this girl in our class and she always asks me "are you hanging out with her" or when I told her I got a summer job she asked me if there are any hotties there.
    anyways I want to ask her what classes she is going to take so I can take the same classes as her so we can study when we are back in the september but I don't want to be the one always texting her.
    should I just wait till she txts me or just txt her? like I said before she was always the one txting me, but now that I text her I think she just waits for me to txt her or maybe she doesn't want me txting her?

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  3. If you don't like her as more than a friend then who cares man
  4. i don't like her as more than a friend but I want to stay friends with her. if I keep on texting her first she might think I like her more than a friend? 
  5. that's easy because then you can just tell her you only want to be her friend, lol
  6. If she didn't follow through with her invite to the club, I would assume she doesn't like you like that either? 
    You say you aren't interested, OP, so don't worry about who texts who. I feel like friend texts are very different from "interested" texts. They're less flirty, more sterile, etc.
  7. then why did she used to text me all the time and now she won't txt until I txt her?
  8. Why does it matter?
    There are a number of plausible reasons. Liiikkkeee maybe she has her own life? Maybe she has someone else she's interested in?
    I wouldn't worry about it.
    Unless you've had other vibes/signs that she may be interested in you as more than a friend?
  9. ya I talk to her like I talk to my guy friends. i'll be like yo what yo up to want to come out chill with us.
    she originally said she'd come to the club but then said she hurt herself at work had to go to the hospital get stitches and said she might go clubbing with another girl this wekend and she'd let me know but she hasn't txted me.
    is it okay if i txt her later an ask her to tell me what classes she is taking so we can take the same classes?
    I always feel like when you are friends with a girl they'll interpret things you say or do as meaning you like them more than friends.
    I honestly can't tell. but I think she also just wants to be friends. she told me before she likes some dude in second year, and she told me there are two guys in her city that are interested in her. last week when I texted her she asked me where I was and i told her i was a  bday party and she asked me if there are any hot girls there. and I said some. and she said ok go talk to some.  so I think she also sees me as just a friend.
    I just don't want to be annoying and be the one txting her all the time. I just find it weird because she used to alway txt me first 
  11. Yes, it's okay to text her that! I have guy friends that I interact with like "guy friends", and I wouldn't interpret any of their actions as more than friends. But it really depends on what type of girl she is though. Is she chill, or is she the type to read into shit?
    I'm glad you're concerned that you don't want to lead her on though. That's nice of ya.
  12. I don't think it's annoying at all. Honestly, I'm only concerned about being "annoying" when I'm texting someone if I like them more than a friend. If it's just a good friend, I'm like, fuck it, I will blow up your inbox if I wanna. :D
  13. guess whos back
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    tell a friend
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    well I can't say we are "good friends".  I started studying with her in march and we finished school in mid april. and since then just texting. so we are not long time friends or anything lol. 
    I just want to make sure we take the same classes in fall..... I don't think it's weird asking her what classes she 's taking so i can coordinate my schedule with hers.
  15. Maybe you're just high and over analyzing, dude. Don't sweat it! Just ask her. :]
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    LOL a fucking yummybud thread... the legend returns!
  17. Tell her you wanna see her tits, then ignore her slightly. At least her interest will be peaked...Omg johnny what do you meannnnnnn?
  18. Flip a coin, dude. :p
  19. maybe i'll txt her tomorrow or monday. I haven't talked to her since last saturday. when I txted her last saturday she said she was eating with her mom and was thinking about me cus I always get food from where she was getting food at.
    byways i'll just txt her tomorrow and ask about coordinating our classes. I already mentioned it to her once before though.
  20. It seems weird asking what her classes are JUST so you could study with her, and you only want to be her friend? Why not just find any other girl to be friends with or hang out with someone you're closer to so it isn't awkward? What is so unique about her to where you'd pay for classes just to be with her, and you aren't close with her at all but you want her friendship? I just don't understand the situation, it sounds like you want to be her best friend pretty desperately... just text her flat out and say how you feel. If she reacts badly then whatever you were thinking of wouldn't happen anyway. She's got her own life to worry about and other friends, try to be cool with her but there's billions of people in the world so I wouldn't be caught up over one, especially if there's no chemistry or attraction.

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