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Should I tell my wife that I smoke?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by gigi23, Feb 29, 2012.

  1. I hide it well, and I only do it when I'm "with friends".
  2. idk man. its your wife. and you know what they say. "happy wife, happy life"
  3. I don't know, but this should of gone out during the girlfriend stage

    Fuck it keep it as it is
  4. I always get this feeling that she would be down, you know? But I don't want her to flip and go ape crazy.
  5. It depends, is she anti-marijuana? Anyways, if she caught you one day she would probably be pissed.
  6. i didn't want to risk it in the dating stage.
  7. Actually what is she gonna do? Divorce you over it?

    Highly unlikely
  8. yeah i guess i could sorta talk about it being all coy, and then .... let's try it one day. :p
  9. don't want those nights where she says crap like, i'm never going to trust you, etc..
  10. Always be honest with your spouse no matter what! If you keep it from her, and then she finds out, she'll not only be pissed that you kept it from her, but she will begin to wonder what else you're lying about. It won't matter if you haven't lied to her about anything else at all...ever...all she'll think about is "what if". I know what I'm talking about, man. I'm a married woman, twice married. ;)
  11. Yeaa man she'll probably be cool with then you guys can blaze and fuck simultaneosly

  12. perfect.
  13. If you haven't told her you smoke, then what else have you not told her?

    It is possible that you guys have been totally mis-communicating, possibly she is toking fatty bowls behind your back with her "friends", too.

    If there is ever a way to discover more about your partner, this may be the opportunity.
    Be what you are, say what you are, invite her in. See what happens.
  14. i think if you were going to marry someone, they would know something as prevelant as your enthusiasm for cannabis, unless however you are not a connoisseur then just purposely get caught and be like i dont do it often never thought it would be a big deal, ill stop if your agaisnt it. If she is, continue your current situation, if she isnt, well thats self explanatory :smoke:
  15. Wow I cant believe you got married and she doesn't know.

    Try telling her you tried it recently and see how she reacts.
  16. this should of gone out during the girlfriend stage[​IMG]
  17. Why dont u grow up and be man, hiding u smoke from ur WIFE haha pathetic, sorry for bein an a whole but it is almost 420 am and ive been reading and watching videoes all night
  18. #18 aceguitar, Feb 29, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 29, 2012
    You must have poor relationship if you can't tell your spouse anything!!! Be a MAN!! Is it your mom or wife? She deserves the truth!!
  19. If you get caught say it was just a one time thing. Keep it as is. You should have told her before you got married, but hey ho. If you started recently I guess tell her.

    If she's anti marijuana you might want to show her some facts.

    Good luck bro!
  20. Put on the union and smoke a fat bowl at the end and say tada :smoking:

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