Should i tell my sister that i smoke???

Discussion in 'General' started by smokesumchronic, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. OK. So my sister is in college and i just graduated. she lives in New York and I live in Nevada. Ive been smoking for a while and i sortta wanted to tell my sister i smoked cuz im going to visit her this summer. i asked her if she's ever smoked before and she said no. i thought that was strange considering shes been in college for four years. ok well anyway, she was like "your arn't smoking are you?" at the time i had my pipe on my desk with a bowl loaded haha. and i was like "of course not!!"..... but i really wanted to tell her i do. should i just tell her and hope shes cool with it? or should i try and smoke her out when im in new york with her? any ideas or recomendations? thanks everyone
  2. just tell her. she should be able to accept it as long as you're being responsible with it. she will most likely find out eventually. plus, you're scared to tell her so she could be scared to tell you. being older, she probably feels like she has to set an example for you. she might smoke a lot of weed. i was shocked to find out a few of my family members smoked after i got found out.
  3. yeah that sounds good. thanks that helps alot!
  4. dude, tell her, tell whoever. I decided awhile ago when i was around 16, to stop hiding my smoking habits, no matter the consequence, I do what i want and believe is right regardless.:wave::smoke:

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