Should i tell my parents that I smoke?

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     Alight, so long story short: I know my mom smokes weed but it may or may not be for cancer(grandfather has lung cancer and there is a long line of cancer genes on my moms side, shes also trying to quit cigarettes). Now i also know that my dad knows that my mom smokes, but i have no clue whether he does or not. Hes threatened to send me to boarding school(don't really care, boarding school sounds pretty dope to me xDhaha)um but no seriously, hes a firefighter so im expecting him to be all "tough shit" about it. The thing that sucks the most about them not knowing is that they wont even let me hang out with my "bad" friends, even though ive been best friends with for over 5 years. Its even gotten to the point where i wasn't even allowed to go anywhere, even with my "good" friends, if i so much as mentioned one of my "bad" friends name. I was hoping that i could maybe get some slack on this as fellow tokers with my mom( i also think that smoking with my mom would be awesome) or at least reach an agreement to where i can hang out with some of my longtime best friends. Ive also never gotten drunk(or buzzed) and ive only smoked a cigarette once and it was nasty, and ive also never taken prescription meds. I really am contemplating telling them so any help would be appreciated.  :bongin:  :confused:  :confused_2:
    Edit:ps i call them kids cause thats what my parents say all the time xD

  2. I would think a lot of it would depend on your age and maturity.
    To be honest, not being allowed to hang with the "bad" kids doesn't make it sound like you're 18. :smoke:
  3. "Read parents in the title instantly think your under 18 going to offer you no advice because there is a slim chance you may be a minor yet I have no proof to back this evidence up. " said every grasscity age police

    On topic: it seems you have a history with your parents making rash decisions about your practice in marijuana smoking so I would tread lightly because you can't take back what you say. Start hinting with your mom about the good marijuana is, I'm sure she probably knows it but its better for her to see you are knowledgeable on the positive effects rather doing it because your friends are

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  4. He's trying to help to enforce the rules so we can keep the city enjoyable and accessible. No reason to jump down his throat.
    I would consider it, but only you know your parents and only you can predict how they will respond. On one hand, boarding school would suck. On the other hand they may be accepting, you never know. When my mom found out the thing she was most pissed about was the fact that I was not honest with her about it. She didn't approve of it though and thought I was an addict when she found my box with a pipe, bubbler, grinder, papers, and several jars.
  5. I wasn't even referring to the post above me. He was actually being helpful I'm making fun of the kids who only post that a op is underage

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    Let's watch everyone snitch on this kid for suspecting he's underage with no solid proof. STFU and answer his questions or leave that shit isn't your job.

    On topic, op idk if that's such a good idea it never turns out the way you think it will. Only you know your parents so make your best judgement , but don't be surprised if they disagree and you get in trouble and aren't able to smoke at all anymore.

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  7. If it was me i wouldn't tell them i smoke, i'd tell them i want to smoke. Much safer way to see their reactions

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  8. I didnt read the paragraphs. But from just reading the title i just going to give u advice. Dont let your parents find out by you getting caught or some shit. I told my ma everytime she asked me if i smoke no i dont. And then soon enough i got caught up. It wass crazy haha. All good now but u could cut out all the extra bs if you be honest. At least wit my ma. Funny cause some of the dudes i would smoke who were older told me the exact shit im saying when i wass younger and i wass like naaaa ima make sure i dont get. Ill be straight.

    Funny how shit happens
  9. I have to agree with this. I am open with my mom and grandparents that I do it, but I am almost 23. They can't do shit except say "keep it away from my house". So I smoke in a garage that isn't attached to their houses. Or in my car. I believe honesty can set you free. But it does depend on age.
  10. No no no no lol i was trying to say that when i still lived with them  (up until last month) i didnt give them shit because i was still living under they're roof cause i didnt want to get kicked out xD sorry for the confusion
  11. 1. It is disrespectful to tell everyone to STFU.
    2. You seem to be on a vendetta.
    3. It isn't "snitching" to report suspicions, nor to report rule violations. It is like keeping your lawn clean and free of weeds.
    The mods are few and far between. We can't possibly read every post. We rely on Blades doing there part to keep down the bullies, spammers, self-interest adverts, and yes to keep obvious minors from using this as a kindergarden play ground.
    We do not encourage foundless postings of accusations of being minors, however some threads are very obvious and human nature plays a part. :smoke:
  12. Then maybe think about adding more moderators. It's just annoying going to a thread and the first 3-4 posts are everyone saying underage when they could just mind their own business and report him to a mod via pm.

    Either reply on topic or don't at all it's simple. The stfu wasn't towards anyone but the ones constantly pointing fingers on possible underage users so don't try to flip it saying I said it to everyone.

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    I wouldn't have started the thread if I was you I used to be in your position but my parents ain't gonna babysit me no more since I just turned 18 it's cool not being told when to have to come home only thing I can't do is smoke inside the house out of respect but I would recommend that you don't tell your parents.

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  14. Lol dude there's too much evidence in the intro of this thread that you do in fact still live with your parents come on man. "You ain't gotta lie to kick it" - tupac shakur. But you said that you were threatened with boarding school how could you be threatened with boarding school if you don't live with your parents and if you didn't live with them you would not be asking this question

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  15. Yeah you just completely changed your story why would you post this if you don't live with your parents look you're not going to get in trouble by the mods or I don't think you will at least. : bongin :) NYC diesel taste delicious

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  16. My momma came to my crib and saw my plants growing. She was shocked...
    She said how much money do you make from them? I said momma.....these four plants are your pay check...BIATCH
  17. Why do you spam so much lol I live with my parents and I'm 19 your logic makes zero since

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  18. I'm not spamming and if I am to you forgive me but why are you worried about getting sent to boarding school if you don't live with them

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  19. Bad friends good friends, oh what its like to be 12.
  20. Lol my parents tried that whole boarding school shit with me when I was little kid your age. Then I realized that it cost money to send a kid to a boarding school and my parents were broke as fuck.

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