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Should I Tell My Parents That I Smoke

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by DrMario64, May 22, 2013.

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    Let me start out by telling you about why I smoke.  I smoke more of medical reasons rather than recreational.  Granted I do both but more for medical.  I have bad anxiety, aggression and depression issues.  I have been put on 4 different types of medications and none of them helped me the way they needed to.  Smoking is the only thing that helps with all of my issues and it helps me get sleep.  I stopped taking the pills and smoked instead and it helped me.  My mom knows that I stopped taking the pills and she said that i seem to be doing a lot better on remaining calm and being happy about life but she doesn't know that smoking is what's helping me.  I started to look for a job not too long ago and I stopped smoking for the time being and she has noticed that I am returning to how I was and me and her get into little arguments everyday about random things.  She is wanting to try to get me on medicine again and I really dont want that.  My mom is pretty anti-weed cause she thinks that it kills brain cells and that it will ruin your life and all that jazz.  She caught me when I first started to smoke and I told her that I only tired it a few times.  She didn't really get mad though.  She lost trust in me and told me about how bad it was and all that but I didnt get in real trouble.  I don't really know how my dad feels about drugs.  I know he trusts me a whole lot and I feel that if i told him then that trust will be broken somewhat.  I feel like I want to tell them so they know that something can help me but I am afraid that they won't view it they way I do and lose alot of their trust for me.  What should I do?

  2. It all differs on your age , if you are over 18 no one can say anything if not your mom has every right to interfere your life.
  3. you can get fucked legally now
  4. I am a mother of 2 wonderful young adults myself so maybe i can give you a little insight on this topic. I grew up in a little church going community, & never even heard about marijuana until i got pregnant with my youngest, ( I was 21 yrs old). That's when my (ex) husband got me to smoke it. I did not touch it again for about 6 yrs. Then my ex become a stoner, & didn't approve of our kids smoking it. I knew but never said anything, even to them, until they come to me.  I was not a hypocrite like him. I listened to everything they had to say before I responded. I love my kids more than life itself & i realized that they were adults at that time. They came to me when they were 18 yrs old also. I guess what i am trying to say is just go to them as an adult, be as honest and open as possible. They may not like it, but they will respect you. 
  5. get ya  willy out and confess your sins to them. stat.
  6. tell them everything you just told us...
  7. im sure that they know you smoke
    trust me, your parents are WAY SMARTER than you give them credit for
    after all, they brought you into this world and prolly know damn near everything about you, even things you wouldn't want them to know
  8. if it helped you and your mom noticed then tell her that was it and now you stopped and now your back to the way you are.
  9. I told mine and they cried we had a really long talk. My parents didn't really yell at me just disappointed with me. Try to be honest if you are using it for recreational use then let them know. And if it is really medical they will help you.
  10. Why not tell them? You're an adult, capable of figuring out how to cope with your problems; and can make your own decisions. What is forcing you to maintain contact with them?
  11. Yea just tell them everything you just said. They probably already know anyway. 

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