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should i tell my mom?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by nepal, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. i guess theres a lot of these threads around but i really need help for this...i have been puffing for a while (like a year or so) and i did great all year...i never quit any of my normal activities nor did i fail in school...whats more this was my best year of all! now...i live with my grandmother and my aunt who are very...i mean VERY aunt caught me smoking weed (she smelled it and i was pretty high and was one of my first trips so i freaked out :eek:) and i almost got into a correctional. nevertheless my mom is a very open-minded person and did only talked with me and i assured to her that i only gived some puffs and that werent high at all...she believed me...i feel bad when i lie to her so i really want to tell her about it...but dont know how...if i hadnt been caught before i think i wold already tell her but now...i dont know..i got caught like in mids of 2009..
    what do you think guys??...what should i do???:confused::confused:

    P.S this is my first post! and english is not my fist language sorry for grammar or stuff like that...
  2. if she's as open minded as you say i'd tell her.

  3. i mean she knows MJ is better than alcohol...but thinks that it is always bad...when caught she telled me something like this:"its good you try it cause you can realize for yourself it is bad for you"...and i of course told her that yeah i understand and will never smoke again...thats my dilema i dont know what she will think if i tell her i smoked again and smoked a LOT of time without her knowing...
  4. Depends really. If you live on your own then just go for it. Personally me and my mom were talking about it one time and asked her if she wanted to smoke a bowl lol.
  5. Make your mum watch The Union, puts it better than you ever could and she'll come around to it.
  6. Well i know how you feel. If your mom is really open minded go for it. I would just point out that you did really good in school and that its not effecting you in way.
  7. waaahahahaha yeah man i m thinking the same...she has some serious problems to sleep and i think the herb will do miracles for her...did she said yes?(your mom) what was her answer??
  8. you told your mom 'you gived some puffs and that werent high at all'?

    and she believed you? you must have sounded high as shit, she is clearly an idiot, ask her for her bank account details for your science project or something, and empty it then blame it on her car.
  9. Well my mom is the kind of person that would let me do things as long as im in the house. She did say yes, but didn't want me walking to school with sack. It just depends on how your mom looks at things. Some parents dont even let there kids look at liquor, but some let theres have a sip or a glass.
  10. She said no at the time cause she has a "heart problem" it was a pretty bs excuse lol. Like a year later though we did smoke a bowl though lol. It was the only time we smoked together. She used to buy me wraps when I was 17 and I used to show her my bud if it was SUPER dank. Anyways, try to just talk about bud with her, just ask her what are her thoughts about it and etc.. Tell her that bud could help her with her sleep and such. Try to be real causal about it. Good luck man. Hopefully it works out for you ;)
  11. hahaha no man: my aunt caught me and i was frigging high so i went straight to 2 days after she told my mom and my mom talked with me...i were not high at the moment...and in all this long year i havent been caught again
  12. I second that

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