Should I tell my mom I smoke?

Discussion in 'General' started by KushVisions, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. So tonight I think I am going to tell my mom I smoke. I think she would rather me tell her than her catch me. Any input? Have any of you done this?
  2. Some people//parents it works with, depends how your mom is individually. I know friends who've told their parents that they HAVE smoked, but not that they do. Personally, I wouldn't tell my parents that I do because they probably would rather not know.
  3. its hard to tell cause no one knows your mom but you. i think she will think weed is alot less cool than you do though

  4. Do you live on your own/pay your rent/pay for everything yourself?

    If not, then you shouldn't be smoking up her money. Just my opinion.

    If you DO live on your own/meet all of those requirements... go for it, you're your own person.

    Good luck man!
  5. Ok I don't think I will tell her.
  6. No why not just wait til you get caught...your mom probably wont be too happy about it
  7. na man go do it
  8. If you're under 18 or a basement dweller, no.

    If you're a successful businessman with a vast amount of money in off shore bank accounts funding blood diamonds, then go ahead.
  9. I dont think my mom wants to know, if she wanted to know she would come to my room when i get home late and see my blood shot eyes. iv sat down with her and talked about legalization and benifits of medical marijuana tho :)

  10. I have too. I also talked about how dr.phil is an asshole for making pot look bad.
  11. Tell her youre gay and see what happens. Report back, with her reaction, you will be able to tell her what you should tell her.
  12. Watch the Union with her and see her reaction and go from there

    Or just tell her you tried it and didn't like it if you just want to get her off your case

    Or you could do what I did and leave a roach in your pants and have it go through the dryer, stinking up your moms whole load of laundry and getting grounded for ten days. But I don't recommend it
  13. why don't you find out HER opinions on weed? Ask her if she's ever done it ( theirs about a 90% chance she has ) and you can do the two options from there, my mom smokes and she just recently found out I did. A buddy of mine and I were sitting in my truck for like 2 and a half hours just hot boxing my truck and she walked up making a joint motion and told me to crack the windows and told me to hurry up before the cops came by ( it was like 3 in the morning so I doubt the cops would've drove by in my Neighborhood ) so we sat there for another hour and just laughed about it all. Ever since she's known she occasionally asks me to use my pipe, never my bong though hahaha. Good luck with it man
  14. Well it depends on what kind of person your mom is. Telling her shows that your mature enough to make your own decision also tell her that you'll be responsible about it.
  15. Do it. Worst case scenario she tells you to stop. I didn't realize it until recently but it's hard for your parents to punish you if you tell them you messed up and how to plan to fix it - apply the same with weed. Say you smoke and you know that the negatives are *insert here* and some of the positives are *insert personal reasons here* but you enjoy doing it and will continue to do so, and just want her to know.

    Or she could just kick you out. :eek:

    I thought for the longest time my mom was going to kill me if she found out ... so I kept it hush hush until one night I was mildly buzzed (she was fine with me drinking under 21, if I did it in the house and didn't go anywhere) and got talkative and told her. She said no big deal, and said something along the lines of "who didn't smoke pot as a teenager?"
  16. I thought about it and I think she would trust me less thinking I would be going to smoke pot or something. I also think she wouldn't give me money cause she thought I would spend it on pot. I guess it just came down to the fact that I am really happy with where I am at with my mom as of now and I don't want to do anything that would mess that up or make her look at me differently.

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