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Should i tell my mom i smoke

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by ASamsquanch, Mar 14, 2014.

  1. Oh right you are "one of those" people, didn't know they existed on GC. So people who use it medically are drug users? I consider anything natural not a drug but a herb.
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    If I was you, I would tell them. No more hiding secrets but your parents are probably aware that you blaze. You should offer them a blunt and say "Wanna join?" 
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    "It's like when I'm doing good in the game I'm doing good in life" - Sweet Dee
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    "It's like when I'm doing good in the game I'm doing good in life" - Sweet Dee
  5. Lol, my use of the word "drug" isn't meant to have negative connotations. To answer your question, yes they are drug users, but so is the majority of the population. People self-medicate themselves all the time, but they may not even realize it. It can vary from someone drinking a cup of coffee every morning to function, taking your meds prescribed from the doc, or relaxing with a bowl. A drug is simply any substance that alters your physical or mental well being(not including food). Does weed not do that?
  6. I would tell them. I knew my mom smoked and I wasn't sure if I should tell her, but when I did we smoked together and it was pretty awesome.
  7. I'd tell them just so you don't get sketched out smoking at home. My parents know I smoke and that I am pro legalization. I don't/can't be that guy who holds signs up in front of city hall, but I can be that guy who changes a few peoples opinions of the plant. Don't add to the stigma and tell them. Nothing wrong with the plant. We should have the same rights as someone who is a drinker.
  8. Don't be afraid, tell them. 
  9. Nope then she'll want some

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