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Should i tell my mom i smoke

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by ASamsquanch, Mar 14, 2014.

  1. I know both my mom and dad smoke since i was little  could always remeber them smoking  it. There both for marijuana and don't have a problem with it. They asked if i smoked when i was in school and i told them no but im sure they know because anyone who has ever smoked knows the smell. My mom told me she  wouldnt be mad if i smoked as she doesn't see  it as a drug but for some reason i dont want to tell. I feel it'll just be weird i like having this secret i like going out back and smoking in my spot but telling them would be nice .What do yall think

  2. Tell them man, don't hold secrets from her, she understands it's not a drug and actually see's the benefits for it, you have nothing to lose. Wish my mum was a bit understanding :/
  3. Dude if they are cool with it I would probably tell them so then I wouldn't have to worry about then catching me
  4. If my parents were half that understanding I'd probably tell them. My dad might ride with it, but I'd probably get 40 lashes for my mom.
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    obviously dont tell them, if you do there's always a chance they will say you're underage. But if you dont then you get to continue smoking anyway
  6. Why wouldn't u tell them.?!?!? Sounds like there'd be free weed in it for ya.! Go for it.!
  7. If you're worried about telling your mom then you obviously aren't "seasoned". Search the apprentice section you will find many threads with all kinds of advice in there
  8. My parents know I smoke and they're cool with it. I actually smoked with my mom for her first time on Sunday
  9. no reason to tell them..
  10. It might feel "weird"...But if they catch you, then it is going to feel more like "betrayal". And that is a much worse feeling. If they are cool with it, tell them. Just let them know you prefer to smoke it alone and away from them. Then there won't be any trust issues.
  11. I told my mom I smoked when I was very young. Actually she caught me hotboxing my closet with a homemade bong when I was in 7th grade, she freaked about that
    But she became understanding of it, and now im totally open to my entire family about it, actually ive smoked with 3-4 people in my family. Its great; do it, and smoke with them

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  12. Ask them if the can park their cars in the driveway so you can convert the garage into an indoor pot farm.
  13. Hate to be that person, but weed actually is a drug. So is coffee actually.
    To OP: If it comes up again in conversation just tell her. It doesn't seem like you'll get any heat so just be honest.
  14. I would say tell them. They seem like chill parents. My mom passed away in December and I know looking back now, that all the times we smoked together and just chilled were the best times I've had in life besides my son's birth. Toking with my parents was awesome! I'd give Fucking anything to burn one once more with my mom!!
  15. Just tell them that you would like to try smoking, but rather than try it with other people, you would rather smoke with family. Have them smoke you up.
  16. DUDE if my parents didnt care then id tell them!!!
  17. As a inhabitant of this planet the fact you smoke marijuana is nothing to be ashamed of or something you feel you need to hide. You should be afraid of being intelligent enough to articulate your words and present a argument to your mother in which you could express your view in a way SHE UNDERSTANDS. Yea it's harder than it sounds but I did it so you can do it too. Then again your probs in high school still so good luck pal

    Big words and logic help. A lot of times parents are just fear what they don't understand

    It's your challenge to open their way of thinking and talk them down from their anti marijuana propaganda they have been fed these past decades.

    Good luck man :)
  18. I probly should of read your post first. ( I'll make a habit of doing that)

    I would keep it on the DL until they find out by themselves your obviously in a different situation than the one I pretty much fabricated in my head while I was giving you advice on that last post lol

    But yea man it seems like you got nothin to lose
  19. I came home for s[ring break today and my mom was cleaning my room and picked up my nug jug, smirked at me and put it back down. Ha we're cool with it over. My mom and aunts and uncles all wish they could smoke, but they can't lose their jobs :/. My uncles would all grow. It would be soooo sweet.
  20. WHAT. THE. FUCK. come on dude both your parents smoke and are pro pot, and your mom has literally told you she doesn't care if you smoke? What the hell are you asking for just tell her she probly already knows

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