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Should I tell my GF im a virgin??

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by KingScarface, Feb 19, 2013.

  1. I sex all the women.

  2. i told you to stay away from my girlfriend

  3. Op, you get some internet porn, I recommend tube8 and bust a couple of nuts ( cause your still young you can, I'm old so it takes me 4 days to recover, jk,lol) then pound that pussy. Just imagine in your mind that her dad is watching you. Worked for me back in the day. Show daddy who's the boss now.
  4. haha i couldn't look at her dad the same way if i did that. fuck her a few times in a row lol. no shame in banging for 3 minutes, jizzing, a 2 minute break, and then another 30 minute fuck sesh, throw in some oral shit too, repeat. Maybe my libido is a problem if i can pull that off. Honestly, I've came multiple times (5+) with my girl over a few hours. Benefits both parties. Just bang like rabbits man. She'll come back. Physical stamina is recommended :smoking:
  5. Well if you have sex with your girlfriend you wont be a virgin anymore, problem solved. Its not an issue unless you give the impression that you have had lots of sex
  6. http://forum.grasscity.com/sex-love-relationships/889571-do-i-tell-her-when.html

    There is the thread I made about the same topic. I told her, she said something along the lines of that's perfect for her right then. The next time her mom was out of town she invited me over, made dinner and dessert, bought my favorite beer, had candles lit and music going. It was great.

    As far as tips, uhm........ alcohol can help you last longer if you can still get it up, but it can also make it impossible to finish, so be careful with that shit.
  7. i told a girl i was a virgin and she gave me a free bj!!
  8. tell her you're a virgin, better safe then sorry.
  9. It is true that a lot of women respect men who were able to lose their virginity young. Especially if the girl isn't a virgin (and how many are these days) she could definitely lose respect for her partner. Telling her you're a virgin is up to you.
  10. Tell her! Honesty is a sexy thing in relationships.
  11. Tell her dude, I did and she was happy to take my vCard lol. But i was 16 lol and I think older girls like taking a guys virginity, she knows you remember it
  12. Don't tell her...
  13. Idk mane. I was so excited the first time I boinked i almost had a heart attack. Maybe she'll jus think she's good when you pass the fuck out when she's done. Or maybe y'all will take it slow shit idk. Get it in!
  14. In my younger days i used to tell the milfs & cougars i was still a virgin, brings out the preditor in them!
  15. What u Mean you have a small problem:p
  16. If I were u I would tell her. That way she knows why you arnt that good in bed. But I'm sure you will get better at it.
  17. Yesss i guarantee she will be excited and want to fuck you even more
  18. ^^^^^^ yesssssss

  19. gayyyyyyyyy
  20. Hell no you shouldnt tell her. Unless shes a virgin too, she'll most likely think negatively of the fact. Women crave sex as much as guys do, and they want a good fuck. They dont wanna hear "yo baby im a noob at this so just bear with me lolz"

    I suggest you just look up so good pornog and for the first time in your life, focus on the guy and what he is doin, and pick up a couple moves. Then afterwards, if you think she really enjoyed it, tell her that was your first time. She will go crazy, knowin if thats just the beginning and you were that good, that things will be even better in the future. That's what I did and it worked out pretty good.

    ^ Disregard any of that if shes a genuinely nice girl with feelings, as she wont care whether youve banged before or not.

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