Should I tell my coworker I like her?

Discussion in 'General' started by JEI3US, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. I work retail for seasonal so i dont give a fuck about getting fired for harrassment. This girl from the signs Im getting i think she likes me she giggles when I say hi and we always have a moment when that happens. I was gonna just go up to her today but she didnt work. Basically I just wanna tell her I like her because Im shy and when I conversate with her I keep it serious. THING is shes 22 im 19 and I dont know if shes married because in training I thought I saw a ring on her left hand. But on 2 occasions she has come up to me in my area like she wants to talk to me. Any advice?
  2. Talk to her...Maybe?:cool:
  3. I do man but im not a Mack so its not easy for me to shoot a vibe that I like her that way.
  4. Don't do it at work, that can cause major awkward situations. Ask her to hang out, get her number and text her. I personally suggest going to the movies or even a nice walk on the beach. You don't want to look desperate because then that might creep her out. From my past experiences just hang out and see where it goes from there. I would know though, slept with 3 girls from my past job.
  5. Ask her out. A "no" or "sorry Im married" isnt gonna hurt ya.
  6. ask her to go to lunch?
  7. get her number, and seduce her via text. seriously, thats how i won over my last 2 long term i'm still with. just text them. girls LOVE texting.
  8. Just tell her "Face down, Ass up, That's the way I like to ****". Works every time!
  9. I get what you guys are saying but im the type that says what I gotta say thats just me im straight forward. Im just gonna tell her and if she feels the same ill get her number if shes married ill just apologize and move on.
  10. Good luck man, let us know how it goes.
  11. If she likes to drink and go to bars, you better get a fake id...
  12. Post some pic or maybe a video of how it goes
  13. Normally I'd advise 'don't shit where you eat', but its retail so WTF, go for it. Just casually ask her to go grab a coffee or something.

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