Should I take this job?

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  1. I've been offered this job with a construction company. My friend works there and wants to get me a job working with him. We're welders. The pays awesome. He makes around 1600 a week. But the company's strict as fuck. For example if they see you with your phone out or a camera they fire you on the spot and they drug test pretty much constantly and you work constantly . My friend works anywhere from 40 to 65 hours a week. I mean its great money and Ive been looking for a job for months but it sounds like it'll be hell.
  2. Temporarily until you can find something else then perhaps it's worth it, it really depends whether you think it's worth stopping smoking and not enjoying yourself at work for.

    Personally, fuck that.
  3. Yeah I thought about that but at the same time ifs so much money. 1600 every week in 6 months that's enough to put a down payment on a small house. It'd be hard to find a different job that pays that much
  4. I would do itCannabis will always be there this opportunity will not beAbide by the rules for awhile, take the job, stack money for awhile till your conforable, find better job with your now better resume, go back to smoking
  5. I would do itCannabis will always be there this opportunity will not beAbide by the rules for awhile, take the job, stack money for awhile till your conforable, find better job with your now better resume, go back to smoking
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    For now stop smoking, work for 6-8 months, also save some money and prepare yourself a nice grow room or a gorilla grow tent and veg for for 4 months, flower for a couple more, once you're done with the job compensate yourself with nice pure incredible smoke :p
  7. If you can make that much quick, I'd do it! It'll be hard now but in the long run totally worth it right?
  8. id just blitz it for a few months and save loads of money while still looking for another job the whole time, and since you won't be smoking you'll save even more money
  9. Take it. If you save $25 every week from your pay, by the time you work there for 6months (21weeks) you will have $500+ to spend on Marijuana or new glass. This will be something good to look forward to if you last long enough. You have to try everything atleast once, you may actually like the job!Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  10. I haven't smoked in 2 months anyway cause I've been looking for a job. So I think I'm gonna take the job. But my friend made it sound so horrible. Pretty much like a prison chain gang. Haha.
  11. I'd do it and see how it goes for the first month. If I still don't like it, start looking for a new job. 

    Save money on bud, save money from your checks (don't forget bills!) and just stack stack stack!

    Keep us updated man!
    Asides from the drug testing, this pretty much sounds like my job (we're just tested for the first few months, then only if we fuck up). But I only make about 1/3 of that pay. I think you're friend is exaggerating. Working "non-stop" is only bad if you're lazy and expecting to be paid to fuck off. Besides, time flies when you stay busy. 
  13. Yeah man. I'm supposed to go up there for orientation Wednesday morning. Hopefully it won't be that bad.
  14. $1600 per week in this economy? Seems like a farily easy decision.
  15. Yeah. That's the good thing about being a certified welder. You always get paid well. I just hope the moneys worth not smoking and not being able to go out and have fun.
    If it's just 40-65 hours/week, you'll have plenty of time to still go out and have fun man. ;) And you'll find out about smoking after you start. They may only do random tests initially for a probational period or something, or if you're suspicious or do something stupid. But I kinda doubt they'll regularly test a good employee, so you might be in the clear after a while.
    All this sounds good, BUT aren't you missing something? If you like welding, then why not go to work there, make contacts, practice your craft, save dough...then start your own business, hire your buddy to work for you. And then get blazed and blame it on the worlds longest case of flash burn! money makes money bro. Unless you waste it that is.
  18. Looking back at it yeah I'd take it, purely for the money and as it always seems to go it is easier to find a job when you're working!

    Stop smoking, work for 6-12 months while looking elsewhere and you'll be good, $76800 in a year!

  19. Bro, if I could make that kind of money welding, I'd do it while I could. I'd work on another long-term plan though, that shit will wreck your body over time, and ya don't wanta be doing it when you're 50.
  20. Yeah I've decided I'm gonna do it. I am worried about when I get a taste of making that much money a week I'll be like fuck another job I like making this much. Haha

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