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should I take the drug test?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Kamehameha93, Jun 22, 2013.

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    I know everyone and their mother asks this question but I'm looking for input on my specific situation.
    I've been smoking daily since October, going through roughly half an oz a week.
    120lbs barely any body fat(I can't even float in a pool) and a fast metabolism.
    the last time I smoked was a week and a half ago (wed the 12th) since then I've been drinking a shit ton of water.
    also I've been getting drunk every other night since then.

  2. You'll more then likely still fail at this point. As a chronic smoker it took me 4 weeks till my urine was clean.
  3. Try and buy a home test to make sure, then decide
  4. yup get a home test and alcohol depends if they use an etg normal alcohol test or brethalyzer.
  5. thanks for the input. I'm gonna go ahead and use my friend's urine. I'm most likely going to have to test tuesday.
  6. Buy a detox i think they come in bottle forms If you have around 600 dollors to spend I highly suggest you buy a expensive one since it removes from your body in less than a day or you can buy cheep ones for less then 100 dollors if you buy the cheap one buy more than one have on in the morning and one before your test if you can buy one more have one during the day
  7. If you buy the cheap detox you will only hide it not remove it from your system
  8. Yeah that's probably the best way to go
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    Best of luck to you and make sure it's at temp so buy a little heating pad or something,

    and to be honest Detox drinks are a waste of money
  10. So why do you need to pass a drug test? For what or who?
  11. I bought a small bottle and some hand warmers, I've managed to keep it within the specified temp for about an hour, so I'll have my friend go in the bottle, most likely next door to the test site and go straight there.
    pre-employment, Walmart
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    I have never had the pleasure of worrying about this, as I just use some one elses piss. The first time I used some one elses piss I was scared shaking when I took it, and the employer didn't even care that I was so nervous with the drug test. I've never had a job watch me piss; you ussually always go in the bathroom by your self.
    My first time I never used hand warmers or anything, I just had it "close" to me. A place like walmart isn't going to have an advanced drug test. The first test I did was a 15 panel test to.
  13. took the test using my friends piss, I was definitely shaking, I almost spilled it trying to set the cup down, but the temp was within range and they took it :yay: . So now I'm just waiting to hear back from them. It was an ecup/screen, which I believe is the same technology as the home tests, so I'm assuming they just sent it to a lab for confirmation. 
    I used the hand warmers, because when I tried keeping the bottle filled with water close to me the temperature dropped really fast.

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