Should I take at LabCorp or Quest?

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  1. Taking a pre employment drug screening (9 panel). I was wondering if there was any recent success stories using Quickfix 6.1 at LabCorp or Quest in California. Any advice on which place I should take the test, labcorp or quest. I heard LabCorp bought a company PAML Labs and they supposedly were able to test for synthetic.

    If you can share your recent experiences that will be great
  2. I wasn't willing to risk the synthetic route but i was able to sub EASILY at Labcorp a real sample from someone else. I did lots of research on the synthetic stuff though and id say if youre going to do it at all id use quick fix 6.1. It's supposedly the stuff they use to calibrate their testers, though I never found anything that seemed to confirm that officially
  3. Went to Quest (had to) for my current job a couple months back and I used XStream. Got it from a local drug store when I was looking for Quick Fix but they didn't have any. I was nervous as hell to use it but it worked perfecttttt. I just tore the aluminum off and put it in the microwave a half hour before my testing (took them 15 min to get me to the back once I got there so a total of 45 minutes from the time I opened it till the time I poured it in the cup) so once it's out the microwave shake it up till it's bubbly and before you go inside shake it again. Attach the heating pad with the temp strip facing the other side. Don't use the squirt cap since it seems to make more noise opening it then to just in screw the original cap and pour. It was right at 97 on the green line when I poured it, was sent to a lab, and was told I passed two days later :)
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  4. I’m happy I found this review because I just Used XStream for a drug test and it got send to a lab and I hoping my outcome is good

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