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should i take a tolerance break?

Discussion in 'General' started by mnbudz, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. should I take a tolerance break until 420??

    well, its almost that time of year folks. about a month away from this years 420 and I was wondering if I should take a break til then for the following reasons:

    -I got my report card in the mail last week and its pretty bad.. i think i need to focus more on school n shit

    -I dont really have that much money and find it hard to buy my weed, and buy anyhting else i might want

    -i have to take drug tests every month for something (which I have been cheating on and passing but its getting pretty sketch)

    -Gotta love that low tolerance coming back from a break

    But I was thinking during this time I could get my shit together with school, save up some money, and pass my ua no problem and then buy a FAT sack to celebreate for 420

    I personally feel like this is what I "should" do but I know its gonna take a lot of self control. think i should do this? anyone else here gonna be takin a little save up/tolerance break until 420?
  2. It sounds like you have your answer. If I were in your shoes, I'd take a break. In this case, you can only benefit from it. ...although, i'd probably have a cheat day or something... or a cheat weekend.
  3. deff do this man... sometiems i'll try not smoking throughout hte school week becasue my tolerance is down a lot and it makes the high alot better on the weekends... a tolerance break is in my opinion a good thing to do
  4. I'm big on making decisions for youself.
  5. Yeah dude, take a break. I'm doing the month long 4/20 break too. But given your circumstances, it's good idea to lay off for awhile. Get your shit straight, and make April 20th a day to remember.
  6. Yea I'm taking a break till 420 also... its been about 3 weeks now and all I can say is the first 3 days are the hardest... all you can think about is "man, I could be smoking weed right now". You just have to find something else to do with your time and be high on life. Oh but I have no problem with smoking other peoples weed...
  7. We should start an offical quittin till 4-20 thread...somehow sticky it and see who all is actually gonna go through all the way.....GOOD IDEA OR NO?!

    Oh, btw still sober here lol.
  8. how do u cheat your uas? i'm starting a new job next week and they do random testing so i need to find the best way to pass.
  9. yea I should definetly do that too. just not for so damn long!
  10. well, I just have a bottle of someone elses clean piss at my house and when i find out i have to go in i just pour a little into a smaller container and empty it into the cup...they dont even check the temperature. I have also passed by just putting some water into the cup and noone ever finds out so theres no reason for me to stop haha good luck
  11. dude, if i were you i'd take a break

    you sound like you have already decided to
  12. Dude, I just got back from a week at spring break where we only brought liquor and man it's awesome. It's truely amazing what one week will do and I definately suggest a break.
  13. start taking 5-htp now and try to cut back on the toking till'll get high as fuck with the increased levels of serotonin floating around your brain

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