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Should I take a tea break?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by PsXtreme, Sep 16, 2008.

  1. I put in a patio for my uncle so he told me he would get me half an ounce to start and he'd give me the rest spread out when ever I request it. Anyways, the half ounce he gave me was some pretty dank shit, i mean I guess its called beasters, it had some crystal action going on. Anyways, it was really good and i just ran out last week. Anyways, I went to my bro's house for the weekend and he had some decent looking bud, however when I smoked his bud it didnt really get me high, i was like in a daze but not really high like i was on the half ounce. My other bro got some other stuff which looked and smelled great but again, i only get dazed from it, no real high. I didnt think half an ounce would do something like this to me but i cant seem to get stoned like i want right now. I am wondering wtf is going on, i tried 2 differnet batches of weed from 2 differnet dealers. So i cant see it being the pot and it was def high mids i was smoking from both my bros so im starting to think my tolarence is too much to get high anymore. What do you guys think? Does it sound like tea break time?
  2. Once you go dank theres no goin back to shwank...IMO Much Love.
  3. Tolerance breaks are always nice. Btw getting paid in bud by a relative is awesome.:smoking:
  4. yes you should stpo drinking tea
  5. i really doubt youve built up a tolerence so fast. i think you got some killer bud (mabey a nice sativa) and got LIT for the first time and now you want it back. but im afraid my friend that you will need to get killer bud to get the killer high not just regular smoke.:smoking:
  6. nonono a tea break is when you have a break to DRINK tea
  7. i mean caffinee is bad for you, so i would cut tea out.
    lolz. j/k man.

    i would just get a bubbler and smoke enough to get you high, it will make it last and you wont build up a tolerance.

    BTW to the kid who stated once you go to good shit you cant go back, thats bullshit.
    some people prefer the effects of regs/shwag.
    i only smoke mids every once in a while so i DONT NEED A T BREAK.

    if you stick to mids and below, you wont need a t break.

    it keeps your tolerance low and your pockets fat man.

    spend the cash like once a week or so to smoke that dank and you get higher than you will know.

  8. I've been smoking for about 5 years now so I know that I should get high from any type of weed but what im saying is that I dont even get high, its like a daze you get when the weed has almost worn off. You feel almost sober but its hard to explain, i just didnt get high off either of my bro's weed and that sucked. im gunna wait until around my bday (oct 6) before i ask my uncle for another half ounce of that dank. I just wanna know if a t break is really necessary or not. Also, do u think from now til oct 6 would be a long enough break for me. Its not like i've smoked alot of weed yet to build such a tolerance. I just have never smoked dank shit before so its new to me. I usually smoke decent mids, sometimes if i dont have alot of cash i'll go for low mid's but never dank. lol Usually its too expencive but my uncle is getting it from a friend of his that grows his own shit so maybe it takes less to build a tolerance.

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