Should I take a T break

Discussion in 'General' started by greenlover667, Aug 20, 2017.

  1. I have about 2 bowls worth of weed left and can't get more bud until Friday. Should I smoke 1 bowl today and then save the other bowl until like Wednesday and smoke then. Or should I smoke today and tomorrow and then take a t break for 4 days? I've been thinking about taking a break for the past year but never got to it bc it's summer time and there's not much to do in my city? Help!

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  2. Should you take one ? By the sound of it your gonna have to take one lol, so you answered your own question. But if I where you just space out your sessions. A few days at least
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  3. Smoke it all now, then spend the next 5 days realising how depressing the crushing reality of life really is.
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  4. do whatever you want
  5. Its just the lack of dopamaine in the brain..
    He will be fine.
  6. I want to smoke weed everyday lmaoo

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  7. Smoke it now and get drunk the next few days. That's what I do without weed.

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