Should I take a mental health day?

Discussion in 'General' started by MarleyIsaLegend, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. Well guys, I woke up this morning and I'm really fucking depressed. Fucking weekend of alcohol and a girl.. Anyway to keep this shit short and spare you the sob story, do you guys think it's alright to skip work today? I feel as if anyone so much as looks at me the wrong way, I'd fucking kill them. Sorry for the negative vibes:(
  2. Do what you want, but I doubt your boss cares that you decided to have an alcohol filled weekend ending with you feeling like shit come Monday...
  3. if you can afford a day off, and losing that money is worth missing work because you cant put your emotions behind you like a man, then yea, take a day off.
  4. Go to work

    I feel like that everyday and yet again here I am. It's not like your not gonna have to go to work tomorrow, you're just postponing the inevitable
  5. I feel like such a vagina haha. My boss probably wouldn't mind it because I haven't missed a single day before, but yet I still feel like I need to be a man. I wish weed was really easy to come by in this shitty town
  6. a mental health day? if you could spend it productively working on your mental health in a way which means you won't return to the same slump for a considerable amount of time, then it sounds like a good idea. but if you would just sit around feeling sorry for yourself and letting the bad feelings stir inside you then it's not a good idea.

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