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Should I take a hit before work?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by daveklok, Apr 6, 2012.

  1. My girlfriend's parents are my bosses. I want time to go by fast but I don't want to be baked. I also don't want to get found out by my bosses or girlfriend that I smoke weed. Should I or should I not toke up one little hit before work? It'd be out of my pipe so I don't get too fucked up with my bong.
  2. Have 3 hits brother you'll be good. Just not Mac daddy hits
  3. go for it. should make things a lot more enjoyable
  4. Are you seriously asking if you should smoke? The answer is always yes.
  5. its just like asking if you should take 3 shots of vodka before work. im sure you all know the answer to that
  6. It depends on what your job is.

    I'm a cashier, and I've found out it's not a very good idea. If I smoke before work I'm almost always off on my till by a little bit. It hasn't caused me to fuck up anything to big, and it is more fun, but not worth the risk of being fired. Also, I respect the fact that my employer doesn't random drug test, and I don't want to give them a reason to.
  7. If you can handle the effects go for it son!
  8. Thank you guys for the input. I think I'll take one great pipe hit and that's it. If all goes well, I'll do it again. If I feel paranoid and have a bad time, I won't do it again. Does that sound good? I have a glass pipe.
  9. [ame][/ame]
  10. Girlfriend doesnt know you smoke? slippery slope...

    anyway, go for it as long as you can act natural. dont think about how youre acting just do your thing. Try not to smell, and use eye drops.
  11. Take 2 hits out of your pipe to get your mind at ease , or 3 hits to get your mind just right for work.
    Unless your eyes are easily affected by herb, of course, then don't do it.
    Is a couple hits worth going to work paranoid and potentially getting in trouble, when you could just wait it out and have a fat sesh after work that will be extremely refreshing cuz it will be exactly what you been wanting/needing?
    On that thought, just wait it out son.
  12. Weed slows down time, it doesn't speed it up. :p If you want to take the hits for enjoyment, go ahead. As long as you can generally handle yourself high in public.
  13. Say Dave, what kind of prices do you get in Anchorage? Just curious is all.

    And I say it really depends on your job.. but 9.9 times out of 10, yes.
  14. Walk in work with a blunt in your mouth, slap their daughters ass in front of them.
  15. One hit? Of course
    I used to be in the same situation, worked for my girlfriend's parents and came in high most days
  16. Is losing your job worth making the day go by faster or should you just deal with it. Tell your girlfriend too dude if you dont you may never get her to smoke too!! :D
  17. If ur bosses were not tied/related to you in anyway id say blaze. I do it all the time fuk it lol. Depends how you are when your baked.
  18. Work, school ... any shit like that is boring unless your high.
  19. Yes. Then smoke at work. That's what I'm gonna do if I can construct a piece that isn't made out of plastic.

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