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Should I take a break?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by tehandydumke, Jun 16, 2004.

  1. I've been smokin everyday now, and it doesn't seem as fun as it used to be. I was thinkin about taking a break from weed for like 2 weeks, but then I dont want to!

    What do u think I should do?
  2. that would be hard to do i have done it and it sucks then once you get high for the first time again it hits you hard and last time i took a break and smoked again i got sick and kept feeling like i was going to throw up and that was after 1 blunt So it would be hard but you would get high as hell again
  3. HIGH All, sure and you'll listen to seems like you Already know the answer...if your not having fun anymore!!!!

    Me haven't been without something...shit I can't remember...years for sure and if it became boring or "not fun" anymore..Shudders at thought...not going there.

    So quit and start again down the road...I'm sure your body won't disagree with you.
  4. I think that the answer is within you, alone. Us fellow marijuana participats can't make this choice for ya ; - ) No harm in just stopping for a little and just smoking when you feel like it. Keep it, errr...."fresh."
  5. ya i think im going to.. i have no money!

    and im gunna start saving up for an o so i can slang that shit :D

  6. HIGH All, *LOL* yes that's the best time to quit.
  7. lol stop and if you have fun stay stopped until thats no fun then start and have fun (and if you deside to quit be strong)

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  8. fuck quitting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i just gotta make some more money... get a job.. get a car.. get a scale... get a cell phone.. then i can start slangin and work so i can make lotss of $$$
  9. if its getting boring, do other things... are you smoking by yourself? that IS boreing..... and if not.... do smoking tricks and shit.... i recently in the past couple weeks found out how to killhit.... so ive smoked everyday 3 times a day, for like 3 weeks...... its always, "the next killhit will be better...." and i do the cold cup thing, or make my own things to smoke out of.... makes it more fun.
  10. A break helps. So does a girl.
  11. stoner girls are the shiznittlebop...or something. quite for a bit, but here's a hint, make sure you have nothing in the house. for me, if i quite but have bud in the house then the msot ill quite for is a day. just makes it easier.

  12. haha thats exactly my thoughts, i answered this in another post. Breaks are for... ummm people that arnt cool. just smoke a lot more wweed
  13. fuck ya dude, i decided not to have a break. just save my money alittle more!

    i couldn't resist when my friend passed me a j :)
  14. never though i smoked to much... smoking to much is basically not possible!

    unless ur just always passed out then thats to much!

  15. yea i hear ya. my friends are like "dude im so keyed off this bowl." and they say theys moke a ton, like a couple times a week. im like dude... once you start smoking almost an 8th a day then you smoke enough. i just want to keep smoking and smoking i dont think im ever high enough.
  16. never though i smoked to much... smoking to much is basically not possible!

    unless ur just always passed out then thats to much!

  17. i'd say you only smoke too much if it negatively affects your own life. i've gotten away with being high for the past three days, and i wouldn't say i smoke TOO much now, but i'm burnt out enough to say i need to take a day off. (not quitting though)
  18. My philosophy on weed....

    If you think youve smoked too much, you havent. If you think you need to smoke more, you do.
  19. smoke hash its more powerful and a differnt high

  20. you took the exact words out of my mouth......

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