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Should I stop smoking or am I dying or what ?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Tsides, Jul 23, 2017.

  1. So it's 2 months into summer and on literally the very first day of summer I drank until I threw up a lot a lot (I know I'm dumb) and anyway I continued to smoke for the next couple days then went to a music festival and drank and smoked and after this I started coughing a lot. My chest didn't really hurt just a cough and itchy throat and I would cough up mucus and snot and it was one of those deep coughs that you can hear that it's deep down. Anyway, I still smoke maybe once a day half a g or a g usually and I take days off at a time and stuff like that just casual smoking and I've been to the doctor 4 times about my case and tried a bunch of different pills for bronchitis and other things and nothing has really worked and so I went in for a chest x-ray and my lungs are clear and good however I still have this deep cough and itchy throat and still hacking up loads of mucus. Any suggestions to what's going on or what I should do ?? Also 17 btw
  2. Yeah - you're gunna die.
    You need to be 18 to be on this forum.
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  3. You got a case of the youglin lung.

    There's no cure.
  4. 18 plus, child
  5. Just ride it out I think. That happened to me a few times...when I first noticed it it was right after a heavy night of drinking and I became sick with the cold right after. The mucous had black like ash in its center...after about 3 weeks it went away and I think that that has happened to me like 3 times in all my time being a ganja doesn't have to be related to weed cause you may smoke very frequently so look for other causes...weed stimulates the alveoli in the lungs and you get higher if you can induce a proper cough. If it had not gone away I would have not believed it was the weed cause of my long experience with the PLANT...I would have gone to the doctor for a proper assessment of the mucus and figure out the cause. ALWAYS TRY TO FIND A GOOD DOCTOR THAT WILL NOT AUTOMATICALLY ASSume/write off your problem on the MARY J HOMIE especially if they do not begin investigation properly...
    Health care is expensive homies and quacks are often rich...

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