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Should I stop smoking for a pre-trial date?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by knicks721, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. Hi everybody. I was caught with having marijuana in the residence halls. I might be having a pretrial hearing coming up in April, based on when I receive a court notice. I am wondering whether I should stop smoking until then on the chance that they drug test me during that pre-trial. Most likely, I will have the charge dismissed because I am a first time drug offender, and I will be placed on probation which I have to complete in order to get rid of the conviction. Obviously, once I'm on probation, if one of my conditions is to get drug tested, I will stop smoking. However, I am wondering if I should stop before the the pre-trial even takes place. I don't think I could get in further trouble for getting a positive on a pre-trial drug test, but getting a clean test could result in a more lenient probation.

    What do you guys think?
  2. Well think about it like this; if you smoke and get tested, your in more trouble. If you don't smoke and get tested, it really doesn't matter. You can still smoke after ya know
  3. I mean they probably wont drug test you for court but for probation they will
  4. I have the same issue, first timer, with disorderly conduct and a small amount/residue of heroin and drug paraphernalia, a little one hitter pipe for bud I never got to use since I don't smoke much. Anyway I have court mid april and scared they will test me then or maybe even before but I just took my last xanax right now and supposedly it's out in 3-6 days but some places say up to 6 weeks so I dont know and that's why I'm worried and would just like to find out what happens in the pre-trial phase.

    I applied for Pre Trial Intervention and my paper says I'm scheduled for a pre trial appearance according to my last court appearance. I will be talking to my lawyer soon but just wanted to see if anyone had any experience here. Thanks.
  5. I smoked the day before my pre-trail. I was alright. They didn't drug test or anything.

  6. wtf heroin......
  7. There is an opiate epidemic in this country and please don't judge, I've been trying to get away and recover for over 5 years I started young on perks thinking it was harmless and the time I got arrested right before Christasm Eve last year was a relapse which is a 80% chance for an opiate user, and no I have never shot only snorted. Guess this was the wrong forum for a this question. Anyone else have anything useful they would like to add would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Six weeks are for the people that are actually prescribed them.Screw opies and bennies.
  9. Fuck them your right, but unfortunately I got caught up and got distance from the mind expanding substances due to unfortunate events that happened in my life where I was left to fend on my own at a very young age, thankfully after two years of being on my own I moved from MA to NJ to where my family went and got my stuff together but due to having no life the boredom and homes sickness got to me and got back into the bad habit.

    After the arrest I got my stuff together and been toning it done by a lot, I made 36k last (not dick sizing) and had nothing to show for it but after the arrest I realized I needed to get my life back together and haven't touched an opiate since but have taken xanax during the weekends due to anxiety which kept me from interacting with people, I know there is no excuse but trying to stop slowly not all at once. Everything is going well I run a very successful YouTube Music Promotion channel and moving to Boston in September just these charges are really the only thing that are the issue right now. I'm just looking for help and information and the legal process that's all. Appreciate all y'all who can see where I'm coming from

  10. what country???

  11. Accepting being part of that majority really depletes the opportunity for sympathy.
  12. If you stop smoking now and are clean for the first drug test, you can say it was just a one time thing and you don't do it like that... The judge may give no probation or unsupervised probation, which means so long as you don't get arrested you won't be drug tested.

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