Should I stop drinking coffee?

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  1. "Caffeine and Nicotine secretly can weaken me."
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    I guess if you don't mind being addicted and it's not causing you problems, there is no reason to stop, but you've got nothing compare caffeinated to unless you stop, get through the withdrawl phase, and let your body return to balance.

    I've found I feel better caffeine free than caffeine powered. I feel pitiful when I'm addicted to stuff. It is also a pain in the ass to plan how I'm going to get coffee and take the extra time or spend the extra money to make sure I get it.

    It's a bitch though, sometimes I feel tired and think, "man a cup of coffee would fix me right up" but I try to focus on the long term when I get these kinds of feelings, because I remember past trysts with this temptress; caffeine always helped in the short term but brought me down in the long run.

    For me, a better quick fix for tiredness is to lace up my running shoes and go a few miles. Not as quick or easy as a cup of joe, but it energizes me plus calms my nerves.

    If exercise or a nap aren't options, I'll occasionally say fuck it and have some caffeine. It doesn't take much when I rarely use it - a can of cola, a cup of tea, or a half cup of coffee. Keeping the amount small and infrequent keeps me from getting too deep into addiction.

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