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Should I still smoke

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by thegoodguys, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. I have been feeling sick the past few days. I took a dayquil pill yesterday and a mucinex today in the morning and i am going to be taking one again tonight. Would it be ok to get high with these medicines in my system?
  2. I am not a medical professional but I would have no problem smoking with the medication you listed. MJ really doesn't mess with any medication in the research I did (was using the vape a few hours before I had to go in for oral surgery and be put under). I am just getting over a cold and I've been using the vape throughout it as well.
  3. Based on my experience, it wont interphere with other cold medications you are taking. It actually can make you feel better when your sick. Just be careful not to smoke too much if you have a sore throat, it makes pain in your throat multiply and seems to prolong my sore throat. Any other sick symptons besides that, its usually ok.

    But maybe thats just me.
  4. I would avoid toking if you have pills in your system.. If you're worried about toking and taking pills try simply toking instead of taking pills. I've managed to shift my throat infect in half the diagnosed time and all without touching the synthetic poison i was prescribed, you just gotta know when you NEED pills and othe drugs.. for example, i've never taken a pill for a headache in my life.. i've never felt the need, a few hits and life is beautiful. :smoke:

    Obviously synthetic drugs can be essential but just trust your instinct and realise how much money these companies are making out of everyday drugs. I'd rather my drug money be put into next crops fertilizer than into drug testing on monkeys or something. ahaa.

    But yeah, leave it 24h at least i say.
  5. You will be fine to smoke. Personally i don't like smoking when im sick so i don't but thats just me.
  6. lolwut did you just ask if weed is bad with DXM? bro its the best combo in the world. lol
  7. I don;t know what DXM even is haha
  8. I think Mucinex has DXM and Guafinisen in it, you can smoke with both.

    I don't think there is anything you can't smoke with.

  9. Sure. My allergies were acting up so much but after I took some hits, I felt better than ever.
  10. I rarely get sick, but the one time I did and smoked plus taken Nyquil, was pretty awesome, best night sleep ever.

  11. Lawl so true, DXM has a special place in my heart
  12. I've done it. But with Mucinex you better be careful because if you cough from smoking a handful of mucus could come flying me. HAha.

  13. I don't need no medication for my illness's. Just a bowl full of weed.
  14. your good to smoke, if you have a vape that might be a better alternative. i like to get high when im sick though, it makes me feel a little better.

  15. True that man.
  16. i took dayquil for this cold/flu i had, but i still had that ache every where. so i grabbed my bong and 20 min later, they were gone :cool:
  17. Weed should replace cold medicine all around the world because it works so much better then that synthetic crap. Weed > sythentic.

  18. It's the best :D
  19. As long as your throat isn't irritated I'm pretty sure you will be fine. It might not make you feel better but it might and if it doesn't at the least it will distract you from the lame feeling of being sick.
  20. This. :hello:

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