should i start to flush?

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    hey i know its a repetitive subject and i have been comparing mine with other threads but i am hoping i can get some insight

    I am about out of pb pro bloom and would like to save it for my other girls, this one is much further along she is purple kush and about 6-7 weeks into flowering

    i can upload more pics but the three here are from different areas of her and they are all about on par with them


  2. Since no one else replied I'll give it my best shot for you..

    I generally flush my plants with 2-3x the amount of water you regularly use, right around 7-10 days before you plan to harvest, then I let the plant completely dry out for that 7-10 days after the flush before harvesting. Your plant looks like it could be flushed now in prep for harvest, but I would wait longer if it were me. You would rather have some pot that's a little more mature than some that's undergrown, it's always better to wait an extra week or so if you're working with a new strain
  3. thanks talon i will give her an extra week and begin the flush :D still open to other peoples opinions too!!
  4. Flush now, if you're using synthetic crap to grow your plants then definitely flush for more than a week. Ideally you should also give them some EM-1 to breakdown leftovers in the soil.

  5. hey mr carter!

    i have been trying to keep it as natural as possible the only ferts in there is 20 ml of pb pro bloom every other watering which is almost all natural and 5 ml of cal mag every other watering so i dont think they are too clouted up with chemicals if that makes a difference

    is the EM-1 really necessary then?


  6. EM-1 is always necessary ;)
  7. Okay I will pick some up from the store tomorrow!

    A second question if you would be so kind to answer :)

    My temps are starting to drop to around 6-9 degrees celcius (42-48 F) at night will these be taking a serious toll on the other three girls outside they are quite strong and healthy at this point!

  8. if you get some EM-1 in them they'll tolerate the cold better, a nice thick layer of mulch over the soil adds some insulation to the roots. they should be okay at those temps for a while before harvest.
  9. you're my new hero mr. dead president sir



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