Should I start smoking again?

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  1. I'm 15 and I started smoking weed my freshman year in high school which was a year ago. I smoked by myself the first time and didn't know what I was doing so I never actually smoked anything. The next time I smoked was with my brother and he showed me how to smoke and they both got smacked and I didn't get high at all so I did what all noobs do and I pretended I was high. A few times after that I actually for high and it was the most amazing feeling I've ever felt. My friend texted me one day a few months ago and asked if I wanted to smoke with him cause he's never smoked before and he wanted to get high. So he came over and we smoked and I got baked as fuck and he didn't get high. The next time he got high and we had so much fun every weekend he would come over and smoke, but then he wanted some for himself for the week days. So I sold him some and he took it home and he smoked it a few times, and the fourth or fifth time his mom found his burnt shit in the toilet. She got pissed and made him go to counseling and now he can't smoke anymore. My girlfriend told my mom I smoke cause she was worried about me and my mom took away all of my weed, papers, my grinder, and my bong. That was around a month ago. Being high was the best feeling I've ever had and I think about it every day and don't know if I should go and cop some more weed and smoke it because my girlfriend might find out and break up with me. Ive been depressed for about a year now to the point where I contemplate suicide every day. Smoking weed didn't make me happy, but it took my mind off of being depressed. I don't want anybody telling me to smoke again cause weed is the best, I want some real advice because I don't know what to do....
  2. Sorry about the ban that's about To happen to you. Anyways I'd say don't let your live revolve around the herb, let the herb revolve around yours.

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  3. did they change the rules?

    Don't smoke kid
  4. Depression and thoughts if suicide is so common, you need to talk to someone you can trust, maybe your g.f? Don't smoke dude your only 15, your brain has not fully developed, this happens when your about 18-21. Drinking won't help either, If anything drinking will make your depression worse. Yes smoking weed is fun, but it's not going to solve what problems you have in the long run. Counselling works for some people, but I find personally, talking to someone you love n trust is best. Your g.f only told your mum cause she loves you, if you want to keep her, then don't risk losing her to weed. Please seek some help bro, suicidal thoughts n depression is not something that you can just sweep under the carpet, I myself have been there. Good luck :)

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  5. Dont do it man. Stay off it for a bit and see how you go without it. I was exactly the same as you and i started smoking weed around 12 or 13. Im now 20 and regret starting so early because it effects your whole teenage years. Weed will always be around in a few years time

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  6. Wow, you are so banned lol.
    Don't start smoking until at least 18 really, but if you do, don't do it everyday.
  7. so you are 15 huh..... yeah don't smoke again it will only make everything worse. but yeah sorry about the up coming ban to youre account.
  8. Smoking is bad for you

    If you managed to quote don't start again

    Make edibles. Keep no smoking stuff in your house so you aren't tempted to smoke up

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  10. I don't think you should start sparking up again man. I suggest you get help for your suicidal thoughts, then in the future if you want to get blazed than do it.

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  11. Chronic masturbation helps

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  12. Bad suns man, fuck yeh!

    We call him Chief Kief now
  13. When I was 15 I had been smoking for a couple years, and I can definitely say you're not going to miss out skipping the tree during your HS years.

    It's much more fun when you're an adult, have a car, money, etc.

    Smoking in your HS days is risky, I got caught a few times and really damaged some relationships for awhile. Wait till you're older and smarter.

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    "Uhh I think we're parked man..."
  14. Get the fuck off gc youngin!

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  15. ban hammer orbital strike incoming. :metal:
  16. ban hammer orbital strike incoming. :metal:
    stupid jokes aside, you really do need to talk to someone. self medicating never works, never. i was a young stoner myself and i felt exactly like you do about it. if you let this thing get out of hand and if you keep self medicating it will turn on you and make you so miserable. that is the problem with bud, it makes you give only the tiniest of fucks if any fucks at all. for an old crusty fuck like myself, that really isn't a bad thing. but for someone like you with your entire life ahead of you, it can be fatal.
    please, please, please go talk to someone.
  17. If I were you, I wouldn't. It sounds like the only reason you were getting happy, was cause you were high. In my mind, that sounds like something a legit addict would say, man. I'm a casual user ( 1 - 2 times a month ) and idk if I were you, I wouldn't want to DEPEND on weed to feel happy

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