Should I Start Pulling Off My First Leaves?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by derekthedude, May 23, 2013.

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    I have a plant that I started on 4/26/12. Should I start pulling off its earliest leaves? If not, what's a good way of knowing when its a good idea? Thanks for any help.
    Here are some pics...


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  2. No. Why would you do that? Those leaves are the whole reason your plant grows!
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    well, because i read that you want to eliminate growth that cant support flowers, and in the long run, those earliest leaves are going to be the smallest on my plant. i didnt know the earliest ones were vital.
    EDIT: i dont mean all of the leaves on my plant. i mean the leaves on the very bottom.
  4. Just leave it man.  They will fall off when they are ready.  I will trim leaves but only when they are completely yellow and or brown.  Thay are still contributing greatly to your plant
  5. True that you want to get rid of what can't support adult flowers, but not until the end of veg-first2-3 weeks of flower. The only reason you should be trimming your plant now would be to top or FIM it, but even then your plant is to young.

    What you what to do is just let her grow until she gets to 3-5 nodes high. If your gunna top or FIM, do it then, if not let her grow out. When you flip into flower, cut any and all small scrawny branches and leaves from the bottom 1/3 of your plant. That's called lollipopping. The lollipop ping gets rid of MOST of the small branches that won't support healthy adult buds. As she goes through flower you'll also notice a few branches here and there with tiny buds on it. You can pull those OR get some lighting to that part of your plant to give them a chance to grow. Either way, that's what's ment by getting rid of branches that won't be good for flower. Hope I cleared some stuff up!

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