Should I start my flush ?

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    question ask has been solved. Can delete thread. Thanks all .
  2. Emergency Flushing for Harvest
  3. Hmmm how many hours of light is it getting and where are you at? Looks like it's revegging.
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  4. Tossed you a pretty cool article on flushing ,,hopefully it helps now or in the future .Definite good read.
  5. Revegging. I dont like the sounds of that lol. West coast. Canada. Still lots of light.
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  6. Looks like Canadas daylight hours were 15 and are just now dropping to around 13:30. The single bladed leaves are a sign of revegg and the lack of bud delekopenent.
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  7. Yeah I live in north east and outside stuffs just starting to flower ,it looks like you still have a few weeks left
  8. Single blades also could be telling you there not getting enough light,been there and it sucks,lol
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  9. My green house takes sun from 10ish to 6ish pm. It's around 7 hours of direct sunlight. Best I can muster lol
  10. That plant is 82inches tall. The 4 others are around that height. But I bent them over and tied them down ect ect. But one I did not and it's taller then me now.
  11. That's the giant one.

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  12. Not even close to ready for harvest. Have they been outside day and night? 24/7?

    Those aren't going to be ready for harvest until late September to early October.
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  13. That's correct. Started on cfl. And they went into GH and haven't left. Been outside since like. July 1st area.

    I've battled some things that's for sure. Heat was the worst. But also a few other things. Didn't think I stressed them into a early flowering. But also don't know if these weee auto flower or anything. Strain unknown based on hearsay ect ect. Could have been regular autos I dunno. My buddies grow in my same area isn't as far along into flower as myself. I think maybe 1 plant is in week 5-6 and 4 plants in week 4-5 but it's also my first time and without a loupe I can't tell but I thought maybe I had a month or so to go. But some colas hairs are turning nicely each day as the pictures depict.
  14. Another thing is. 1 plant I left. Snapped it twice that was all. 1 plant I topped. 2 plants I fimmed and 1 plant I snapped and fimmed. Each of the 5 have grown very different from each other.

    The one plant with a Single main cola that's the size of my first and some of my forearm seems the farthest along so I thought it might have flowered a tad bit earlier then the others. Could just be the other all have 6-10+ colas and that one has only 1 so its gunna look much farther along.
  15. Growing outdoor is seasonal. Not anything to do with weeks in flower. The harvest will be ready when the season says. Just like tomatoes corn or peppers. Harvest time for most varieties of cannabis is September through beginning of November. This also depends on how far north or south you are in the northern hemisphere. Where I am, I will be harvesting around the end of August to the middle of September most likely. Depends on what the plant looks like.
  16. Thanks brudda. I will hang tight and have patients.

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