Should i start my babies off indoors?

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  1. Ive always used to just germinate my seeds them shove them in the ground, and ive gotten good results, but ive been wondering if i should start to grow them indooors then transplant them ( like alot of people say).

    so if i do that should i put them in these crazy little secret grwoing spot i JUST found in my apartment, cause i cant do a full out grow closet like i did in my old apartment ( cause my new apartment is gay and they have like monthly wiring check ups to make sure that the wiring wont start a fire, its smart, but sucks if your trying to grow. so i found this spot. its about like 1ftx1.5ft on the left side and about 1ftx1ft on the right side. and like theres a perfect 2x4 going across that i could mount 2 24" flourescents up there. and then id just grow them till there like 2-4 inches then transplant them. ill be growing about 7 fem violator kush, about 3 thai super skunks and 1 PPP fem and 1 Giga bud fem ( thats being optimistic is most of the seeds germinate. because i got 10 vks so im guesing 7 will germ, then 5 thais and 1 PPP and 1 giga.)

    but heres that spot i was talking about ( sorry i get side treacked and ramble on about other shit)




    pretty stealthy eyy?:hello::wave::hello::wave:
  2. sorry i posted the pictures wrong, im a fuckign retard, im so used to different blogs, her are the pictures,



  3. If you can it's cheaper and easier (if you don't want to go through buying all the lights, setting them up etc...) to do all outdoors. Protect plants for 3-4 first weeks (every 2-3 days water gently) from rain, pests, animals, people . Use slug repellant and copper rings. If you want, elevate them so they don't get crushed (if an animal goes through there) and slugs won't climb easily up there.
  4. ya man i just wait till summer then keep all my seedlings on my back porch for a few weeks, then move them into the woods!!
  5. Yeah it's easy and possible if you're not in a cold region and you need to extend the veg. season or whatever.
  6. Are you for real? Your going to try and grow in there???

    For starters the glow coming from the vents around the perimeter of the apartment may raise some questions. Also the cord that goes into the wall may be questioned during one of your monthly "wiring" inspections. There is NO reason to inspect wiring monthly and is not a "good idea".

    They just want to snoop around and invade your privacy.
  7. Yeah, they are snooping at your place man. My landlord came in and winterrize a few weeks ago without my permission, but he didn't say anything...wierd.

    Anyways, just start your seedlings in cups outside somewhere man.
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    I start my plants inside till they are about 5 or so inches. I use compact fluoro lighting during this stage to save space and compact fluoros are just simply easier.

    It helps me in many ways. I am able to start growing in March for an outdoor grow. Here in the NorthEast your sprouts really should not be in the ground till towards the end of April. With my indoor start, I am able to start in about late March and grow them for a month till the end of April when they are ready for the outdoors. It takes about a month for the sprouts to reach 5 or 6 inches because the lighting is weak but it is still a head start on the game.

    My plan every year is to get the biggest plants I possibly can. When my plants are above my head , I am happy ( I am 6 foot 3 inches).

    Some people may question my methods of using weak lighting indoors and the transferance to the outdoors as too stressful for the plants. I disagree. I have been doing it for multiple seasons now and I have never, in the entire grow process, had stress issues.

    This is only what I do, because I am able to. I live at home with my parents, but there is plenty of room in the house that is never even seen in the course of a year.

    If you do not have this "luxury" I would NOT suggest doing it. Having the regular start to a grow season, opposed to my early start, is ample enough.

    I would keep doing what you are doing with the sprouts directly outside. I have been in serious trouble before and I can easily say it has ruined my life.
  9. Its not my choice that they do the inspections, believe me it sucks, but like it's a large complex, so they do it so there's. Lesser chance of wiring fires, but I was planning on just starting them in there, not fully growing them, and I wasn't going to have a electrical cord chilling there, there's an outlet on the outside wall and I was going to just have my friend wire a plug to it.( I this k it's possible to do that, my friends an electrician. Maybe he can pull it off)

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