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Should I start making oil?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by ChronicSonic, Feb 14, 2014.

  1. So I was in Cali for two weeks visiting a friend recently and DAMN I fell in love with dem concentrates. I have no rig or bong at home right now so I was debating on whether or not to get one. I will also have to buy a torch, apparently torch lighters aren't even allowed to be in checked bags... so I had to leave the nice one I bought in Cali. :(
    Anyway, the big question is: should I start making oil myself or buy 50-60 dollar grams of honey oil, crumble, shatter, etc from sketchy dealers. I'm currently getting 250-270 dollar DANK ounces from someone, so would it be worth it to try and make my own oil off that? It's incredibly sticky bud... almost too sticky, and has crystals ALL over, on the stems and even the leaves that didn't get trimmed... good bud for making oil or no? or should I just stick to buying the oil? or just don't bother with it at all and stick to bud?
    I know the process of making good oil is almost like an art and takes skill and practice to master but I'm pretty confident with my internet-tutorial reading abilities. One thing I haven't put too much thought into is the cost of the materials needed to make good oil, is it pretty costly? I'm someone who likes to go for the best, and the oil that I've tried here (midwest) is actually pretty superb, even better than the stuff I was getting from dispensaries in Cali. I just don't like dealing with sketchy dealers that I do not know well at all. 

  2. buy the concentrates.

    assume 10-15% return from your bud when making oil, perhaps up to 20% if you had extremely high thc strains and truly perfect technique.

    unless what the dealers have is pure crap its gonna be far cheaper to buy
  3. Thanks for the reply, but damn... yeah I've been reading up and those percentages scare me. Does that mean that if I get a 15% return from my bud there's still 85% of the THC in the now (un-smokeable?) bud? If this is the case how and why the hell do people make oil? Unless you're rolling in POUNDS of mids or pounds of dank shake/trimmings I don't see the point... and the oil here does seem good but is it really worth that 60 doll hairs a gram? Compared to $250 dank O's?
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    most top bud has around 18% thc, sometimes up to around 25%. that is the absolute maximum of thc you could extract. making oil will take all of it out of the bud (in perfect conditions). there are a whole bunch of factors in the processing that further reduce your final yield though.

    if you arent in a place with especially cheap weed $60/g isnt bad for good concentrates
  5. The thc is extracted from the bud. It means that the amount of oil yielded will be about 10% to 15% of the weight of bud you start with. So 28g of bud will yield 2.8g to 4.2g of oil.

    And yes, oil isnt cheap to make unless you have cheap access to large amounts of material.
  6. I can only suggest that with making oil you need lots of patience and time. It's quite a process. The best way I have found to strain the oil is to use a cheese cloth.

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  7. Ahh, okay that makes more sense. I'm realizing that it's a pretty big gamble getting into this if I don't know exactly what I'm doing. 4gs would be great off a 250 O, but if I get anything less (which will obviously probably happen since I'm new to the whole process) it'll be a huge waste of money. =/
    Yeah, I'll probably go for buying it then... maybe in the future I'll learn a good method from someone, or just start growing and use my trimmings to experiment. 
  8. Cheesecloth... I'll remember that lol
  9. Consider a chinois and pestle. It's a conical mesh strainer that either comes with a stand or has a handle and you could put it over a jar. Cheesecloth is mad absorbent and if you don't soak it first it'll keep a lot of your liquid for itself

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  10. Just saying, top shelf bud is 28-30%, says sc labs in southern cali.

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  11. i say it based on the cannabis cup winner thc content. very few are above 22%, iirc only one has been over 28%.

    i really doubt "most top shelf" is higher than the highest tested cup winners, but its not like im testing anything
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    I'm pretty sure there's more factors that go into winning at cannabis cup, not just thc percentage. I see a lot of strains tested at 25%+ here in SoCal.

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