Should I start flushing? How much longer you guys think?

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  1. This is a Barney's Pineapple Express auto on day 60. I normally would look at my 40x loupe but I can't find it and it'll take like another 10 days for me to get another mailed out to me...

    But I'm running out of smoke soon so I want to harvest soon actually. So I was thinking:

    1) Flush now. Harvest in 3-4 days?
    2) Flush now. Harvest top cola 3-4 days later and let the bottom 1/2 grow another 10 days?

    3) Wait longer and then flush? If so how much longer you think?

    It's not gonna kill me if I don't smoke for a few days but I also have another plant that was started at the same time (non auto) that will probably finish in the next 20-30 days.

    Thanks guys,


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  2. Beautiful plant Brother. I'm not the best at this stuff but I would start flushing. Do auto's have good yield? How much do you get compared to a normal strain?
  3. Thanks man. This is my first grow actually, so I'm not sure what I'll yield off of it, but Barney's said the yield will be around 15-25g on average and about 19" tall. Mine right now is about 15 inches tall.

    I started with some autos and some reg's to get the full experience of cultivating, but I know the yield isn't gonna be comparable to regular strains. Like for example, my reg. nirvana NL's are probably 3x the height compared to the pineapple express; but it won't finish for at least another month so..

    So I guess the yield isn't bad compared to the start --> finish time vs the regulars?
  4. I would love to do an auto strain myself. I'm thinking about getting one for the wife for Christmas. She might not catch on till its almost time to smoke. Take your time with the cure. I really think its plays a big role as far as how it smokes and tastes.
  5. Man that plant needs at least a few more weeks maybe more. You have too many long white hairs. Give the plant time to develop those calyx's so they are fat and juicy and the hairs barely stick out of them and they're brown/dark brown or orange/dark orange. That's when your plants at its peak and then you can do your flush for 1-2 weeks then your harvest.

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