Should I start flowering?

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  1. I just finished cleaning up my plant yestarday, I got rid of the lower leaves and some big fan leaves that were blocking the light. I was wondering if I trimmed it correctly and if I should switch the lights to 12/12 today or wait a week for the plant to heal up from being trimmed. I added the before and after pic. The strain is Larry OG Kush I grew from seed.

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  2. The pot is a 5 gallon pot, I have limited space so I use about 2.5 gallons of soil

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  3. It's been in veg if for a long time, about 2 months because I burned it aliitle when it was young

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  4. That's been vegging for 2 months? What kind of light?
  5. Also, and I'm not sure because I'm pretty much still a noob, but I think it's beneficial to wait a couple weeks after any serious LST, topping, etc before flowering, but light pruning and bending don't seem to be a big deal in the transition. Maybe some more experienced guys could weigh in, but I think you need more light and a few more weeks.
  6. I'd wait about a week...
  7. You can put it into flower whenever you want to but keep in mind that the larger the plant, the larger the harvest. Why would you want to put it in when it's still so small when you can wait and let it grow some more. Then when it gets into the flower cycle, if you've got good strong lighting for it, it will actually yield you something in the end. We generally veg ours for around 8-10 weeks...while I've got a room full going through the flower cycle...usually around 10 weeks, I've taken clones and have them coming on in the veg room. By the time my plants are ready to harvest, I have a brand new batch ready to go in. We average between 2 to 3 oz of cured premium Grade A buds. I know there are probably people out there who can put that to shame, but I've been thrilled to get that off each plant. We run 25-30 and harvest every 10 weeks and everything cycles out pretty well like that.

    If you start your clones/seedlings in small containers, like Solo cups, and confine the root space, the plant won't take as long to develop it's root system and will get back to growing foliage sooner. When placed in soil, the first thing it does is get rooted in. While this is going on, the foliage pretty much just sits there and waits. Once it's got it's root system like it wants, you'll see the plant start to grow foliage more vigorously and start to use water. Leave it in the cup or small container until the plant itself is wider and taller than the container it's in. Usually, they'll be slightly root bound at this point which is what you want before transplant. Repot into fresh soil to container one size larger...again confining the root space. Continue this process until you get it into the size container you plant to flower in. By potting like this, the soil feeds your plants while all this is going on. Nutes should be started once the plant has had a chance to use up what came naturally in the soil. With this potting technique, every repot resupplies your plant with fresh soil and nutes. We generally don't even start nutes on our plants until very near the end of the veg cycle because there is simply no need. I don't grow organically, but I opt to use as few chemicals in my plants as possible and if you use really good quality soil, it doesn't take much additional feeding.

    So, my suggestion would be to allow your plant to veg longer, definitely recover from the haircut you gave it. Moving the lighting and changing the light cycle is going to stress it a little too so why hit it too hard at one time. I try to top mine several times as it's coming along so that when it does reach the maturity level I'm going for, I've got 8 or 10 bud sites and I've gotten the plant to at least 36" tall. But I'm growing White Widow right now primarily and it's a plant that will get some height on it. The height of the plant is totally dependent on the strain you're dealing with, but you really should try to get all you can out of it. Good luck. Hope all goes well. TWW

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