Should I start flowering or wait a little longer?

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    I have two plants that are 40 days into vegging. One is a white widow x afghan kush and the other is a northern lights x skunk. Both plants are showing pistols. Both were LSTed for about a month before I let them back up because they were always in the soil. They are both about 12" tall, but pretty bushy from the LST. Just looking for opinions on whether or not I should start flowering this weekend or wait another week or two. This is my first grow and I am just really looking forward to being self sufficient. I switched to Advanced Nutrients about a week ago and they are currently under a 400w MHS and almost 200w of cfls. I will switch to a 400w hps when I start to flower. Are they big enough to get a decent yield? By the way, I won't have any weed until I harvest these two plants! Here are a few pictures:


    Northern Lights x Skunk:

    White Widow x Afghan Kush:

  2. IMHO they look a bit stunted for being 40 days from seed. Just remember; the longer you veg the heavier your yield. If it were myself, I would let those go possibly another 20 days, for a total of 60 days veg. But only because they look stunted. Under normal conditions I veg for 4-6 weeks (28-42 days)
  3. Do they looked stunted as in they're too short? I figured that was due to the LST.
  4. They do look healthy aside from some of the lower yellowing, which I assume is lack of nutes (you said you just started feeding them, right?) They are squat and bushy, but for a plant of 40 days I would imagine they should be closer to 18-24 inches. I would imagine that even with LST they should have grown up a little more.

    Either way... Stunted or not; longer veg = heavier yield.
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    I actually was using Jack's Classic nutrients since the second week, but I couldn't seem to find the correct dosage so I decided to switch to AN. I think the pictures are just picking up some weird light/shadows because the lower leaves aren't yellow.

    I'm afraid to let them get to 18-24" because then they might outgrow my closet and I would have to set them up in our office. This wouldn't be a real big deal, but I did install the exhaust fan in the closet already. However, if flowering now would mean a low yield, I would rather risk them outgrowing the closet and veg longer. Is 12" usually considered too small to start flowering , even when preflowers are already showing?

    I was afraid they might be stunted, likely from a ph issue. I guess I just need to wait it out.

    Another quick question. If I'm going to veg longer, would taking a clone be worth it considering they would probably be going right into flowering when they root?
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    Anyone else have an opinion. I've always thought yield has more to do with lights, nutrients, and the plant's age than height. Also, I just read that with a 400w light, you want to start flowering at 12" because by the time the plant is full grown, that will be the maximum amount of penetration that a 400w is capable of?
  7. What size are those pots? Look like 2/2.5 gal. If so I would repot one more time into a 3 gal or even 5. Let the girls readjust to their new home for 1-2 weeks then switch. Remember to keep using VEG nutes for the first 2 weeks after switching to 12/12.
    Good luck.
  8. ^They are both 4.5 gallon pots.
  9. ^Is this correct or am I way off?
  10. They look nice, and they are not short. They are , but they will not get any bigger in veg.
    There is no need to keep them in veg so long. Maybe a week and then put 12/12.
    Becouse its these plants genetics, they cant go taller.
    I know , i have bad english. :D
  11. So if they are taller than 12" by this Sunday when I get back from being out of town, do you think I should go ahead and start flowering them?

    Also, since both plants are already showing their pistols and preflowering, is a 24-36 hour dark period really necessary?
  12. I'm sorry... But I really don't think you know what you're talking about.

    To say they won't get any bigger in veg is completely silly. Even short stocky strains will grow +12".....

    I could see vegging 12" plants if you were doing +20 in a SOG. But this is two plants in a closet.

    How much height do you have to work with OP? I can't imagine how these could outgrow your closet, unless your closet is only 3 feet tall???

    Look, I put 4 clones @ 9 inches under my 400w 16 days ago... Today they are 18 inches, and that's after being topped.

    If you're concerned about light penetration, look up Rumpleforskins grows. He grows two FIVE FOOT plants under a 400w cool tube and pulls massive weight for what he's working with.

    Either way, OP... Don't listen to this guy's post. He doesn't seem to have a clue.
  13. Also.. I do urge you to seek out more opinions. I'm not a know-it-all.

    Only offering advice as to what I would personally do in your situation.

    Good luck!
  14. ^Thanks, I will take a look!
  15. 5 people said I should go ahead and flower this weekend while 4 said to wait until next weekend.

  16. I say flip those bitches! I like the bud site development at the internodes you've got going there, send those prepubescent girls through puberty, you need some bud, and when you're dealing with limited headroom that stretch can be a killer. I grew some crazy sativas last spring, I think I ended up supercropping the major tops at least 5 times to keep them out of the lights... I think... I just can't remember because I've already smoked over half my crop.

  17. Haha, thanks man. I really don't know if I can wait another 1-2 weeks to be honest. I haven't smoked in more than 1 month and I won't be able to smoke until these two plants are harvested, so I am seriously leaning towards flipping to 12/12 and flowering this Sunday. Considering that I don't smoke every single day, I think whatever these two plants yield will hold me over until I can get another grow finished. Now that I've learned a few things from this first grow, I think I'll be better prepared for a second grow.
  18. Sounds like you've made your decision.

  19. ^Haha, I'll tell you what, my mind probably changes a couple times a day. I'm trying to tell myself "What's another week without herb if it means I yield more in the end?", but we shall see some Sunday! Another thing that is holding me back is the fact that my plants have only had a week on the Advanced Nutrients. The Jack's Classic was causing me some trouble regarding dosage, so I'm interested to see if the AN nutes make a difference over a longer period of time.

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