Should i start excersising

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  1. I started a 4 month long t-break 4 days ago, now I'm thinking how cool it would be to start smoking again and be skinny when the day comes. I've never been skinny in my life and yeah that's it.
  2. Wow, never been skinny in your life? that sucks man...

    My advice would be, don't look at exercising as a "thing" you start and stop doing. It should just be a given. 30 minutes a day, 3 times a week your heart needs to be in cardio mode. It's how more blood gets to your skin, how scars and pimples heal, how organs get cleaned and how you lose fat.

    Also, cardio is a lot easier if you're doing something other than running. Punching a punching bag, or practicing roundhouse kicks, or playing basketball, all are solid forms of cardio
  3. 30 minutes a day everyday. the three times a week thing is more for recovery time with working out, because muscle fibers tear during work out and then need time to heal so you can bulk them up. Its how muscle grows, tears then heals bigger. however your heart is always pumping and therefore doesn't need any recovery time. Use this to determine your active heart rate. shoot for 80%-90%.

    determine your basal metabolic rate with this. what your BMR is is an estimation of the calories you will use if you do nothing all day. It is important to at the very least get this amount of calories in your body, otherwise you will be eating muscles and your metabolism will end up switching to keytonosis, in which your body runs on lipids (fats). this is bad for your kidneys, and you don't want it.

    This should help get you started
  4. Get a punching bag man.
  5. You know, fuck it, i know i can loose weight as I've done it in the past. I went from 290 to 225 but slowly started gaining some weight back because of many reasons i guess and with this new t-break i think it's time for all out change. Simple

    Hooray for a new fucking me.

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