Should I start all over again? (3 week period)

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  1. Alright... most of the plants i have are 20days old... and 3 of them are 22 days old...

    for the last 10 days, my AC was busted and the plants lived in high temps of 85-95 degrees the whole time... with humidity of 60% I noticed them turning yellow and wilting away...

    I watered them once a day... and gave them 18/6 of light no nutes...

    for 3 weeks... they seem pretty small and still look like seedlings.... these are small 9oz cups not 16oz so dont let that confuse you guys.

    hell even one of the plants barely grew a couple centimeters... its not growing up... but is getting wider.

    are these gonners?... I have plenty more seeds, just tell me if i should stop wasting time on these.... they are regular bagseed

  2. Um... They aren't supposed to be brown.

    What on earth do you have them planted it?
  3. Raise the lights up an inch or two, keep them as cool as possible. Make sure the Soil is straying moist in those temps.

    They're not dead yet...
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    you should keep them no matter what, if you can...I learn the most when I screw up and watch what happens...since this already happened to you, start some new seed but try to bring these back to life...that way at the very least, if this happens again, you'll know what to do or not do....

    moreover, you'll have more knowledge on how plants look and grow when they've been exposed to whatever kind of damage...and I'm sure you know that in this game knowledge is is experience...

    I just looked at your pic of your space...I'd say that if you don't have any more lighting, then just put them off the the immediate side of the lights and bring em back if you can...

    (BTW, it's an awesome feeling when you can demonstrate applied knowledge of something and bring a living thing back to life...deep huh?)
    good luck
  5. I agree, what do you have them planted in? It almost looks like an orchid mix or something. At this stage they should be pretty easy to take care of, lights look good(assuming they are daylight spectrum), no over feeding or watering, so it most likely is what you have them planted in. One of my first times I planted in some kind of bedding mix and they didn't do good at all, I figured what the heck and transplanted them (at around your size) into good soil and they recovered... just had to do it very carefully to try and not damage the roots. Dont toss them, fixing them and watching them recover is one of the most rewarding parts of growing. Kind of like being a doctor and helping a terminal patient get healthy.

    Good luck, I'm sure others will have good advse as well.

  6. Until you know what's gone wrong with this batch there's a very good chance it would happen to any new seeds you plant too. You won't be able to figure out what went wrong unless you keep eliminating possibilities and they need to be alive for you to do that.
  7. i would say get better soil, it will help tremendously, i got 2 sprouts in fox farms ocean forrest and the sprouts are green as fuck. just google for a hydro shop near you i got a big fucking bag for 20bucks, and its damn well worth it
  8. yah man thos looks seriously wrong lol. you defenitly need to choose a different soil. if nothing else jsut buy the miracle grow potting mix.
  9. Those are some of the saddest, ugliest, plants I've seen in a long time. You have PLENTY of seed? Pitch them. Then go to the beginners section and read. And THEN plant some more.

    Your dirt sucks, your ph probably sucks, it's too wet, you need better light...move them a few inches away. Get some real soil. Don't water so much. And try again. Those plants are a waste of time.
  10. I agree. Drop em and start again this time read up some more
  11. well iv decided to start again... i have tons of bag seed gathered up from over the time... so im not wasting money on seeds

    I realized the soil sucks... too many chunks in there and that I have been over watering it way too much (once a day, sometimes twice a day)

    anyways... new seeds are germinating... I decided to take the plant in the third pic and kill it... i wanted to see how the root system looked...

    anyways... you guys told me to transplant them into new soil.... how exactly do I do this?.... just expose the roots of the plant I killed... I had to violently shake off the soil

    anyways.. here is a pic... 3 weeks old

  12. LOL you won't have any success in transplanting that one thats for sure! Okay, how I did it, took a chop stick and broke up the dirt in the pot very gently, just to kind of loosen the soil, so I could avoid the violent shaking. I never got it all off, I just wanted to loosen the soil enough that I could get the majority of the roots out of the crap soil with the least amount of damage. Then I just filled a new pot 3/4 or so full of good soil, put the seedlings roots on top of the new soil then covered it over and watered and just let time and nature take its course. The plant wants to live, we are looking at thousands of years of evolution here, the roots will grow and if they find what they are looking for they take off and start soaking that good shit up. At least it worked when I tried it.

    Anyway as others said, if you have a bunch of seeds then do what your doing, germ some more, get some good soil and have at her. There is enough info on this site to fill an encyclopedia of growing, so search, learn and good luck with your future success... we have all screwed up some time, learn from it and move on up.

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