Should I start a digital marketing agency for cannabis? Or is that stupid lol

Discussion in 'Marijuana Business and Industry' started by Maybeastartup???, Jan 23, 2023.

  1. Hey everyone,

    I ran a digital marketing company working with construction companies, local businesses, and nonprofits, and was thinking about trying to get into cannabis more (we worked with a brand and it went pretty well). We do websites, SEO, social media, and similar stuff, and I wanted to see if that was something you guys actually see a need in the industry for? Thanks for any advice, really appreciate it!
  2. Meh. Its like the alcohol industry; kind of sells itself. A good whisky maker typically doesnt want any more exposure. If they blow up to fast, they cant supply the demand and their name ends up turning to shit when quality declines. And who the hell wants to advertise for the budwisers and whiteclaws of weed?
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  3. Simply because you don't like Budweiser or Whiteclaw doesn't mean it isn't popular. Simply an opinion you have.
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  4. heh it could work out never know just give it a try and see.
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  5. I think there is a need, however, the mom and pops are doing it themselves, and you're way too late to compete for the big boys. With either of those, margins will be super slim anyway. Maybe there's a market with the mid size operations who just can't do it themselves anymore as they've grown. With these folks, there's an opportunity. There will also be a limited budget.

    I think Cannabis works as part of a portfolio. You can't pay the bills trying to cater only to cannabis in this highly competitive space.
  6. I think you could make a case that marketing is the life blood of the cannabis industry.... As margins continue to be compressed, customer acquisition and retainment costs would be directly connected to the marketing of a store & products.
  7. g.F.Y
  8. Your idea of starting a digital marketing agency for the cannabis industry isn't "stupid" at all! In fact, it's a smart move considering the rapid growth of the cannabis sector. Many cannabis businesses are looking to establish a strong online presence, and services like website development, SEO, and social media are in high demand.
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  9. if you think you can get the ex customer on side, even a contract, then it ain't so stupid
    go sound him out, ask why they went with your ex employer, how to make it different

    ....even better

    good luck
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  10. Sounds like a nice idea to me.
  11. The cannabis market is growing rapidly, and there's a lot of potential for businesses in this space. Of course, it's important to keep in mind that there may be specific legalities and regulations that you need to navigate, depending on where you're located.
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