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should i soak seeds

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by loki125, Mar 16, 2013.

  1. should i soak seeds before putting in soil?? if so how long
  2. Google ''Germinating marijuana seeds"
  3. i did it said soak others say just put it in soil was just seeing what others on here do
  4. I usually put them in a damp warm paper towel snd then a ziplock bag and put it in a warm dark spot and continue to remoisten the paper towel until they germinate then plant them in the soil.

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  5. You can soak overnight if you want, but too much isn't good for it. Just think... How long has cannabis been on this earth? In order to get to where it is now, it had to survive in nature. Was every seed that was grown in nature germinated before it sprouted? Nope! It's not necessary. Pop a seed in the soil and keep moist, it will sprout if it's a good seed.

  6. Forreal. just plant that lil bugger. people get too caught up in the little stuff bro.
  7. cheers guys :)
  8. The only reason I germinate is to make sure it is a viable seed...I don't like wasting time waiting for a seed that will never pop.
  9. Jusy put them in a small glass of room temp water. after a day they sink then after another day they split open. Then you can plant.

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