Should I smoke?

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  1. I have anxiety, that causes me to have panic attacks very often. I have also been having insomnia lately and I think marijuana could help me when I have these problems, but there's something I'm worried about. I'm an athlete, I'm a state/national level wrestler. And don't want it to affect me! Will it? How will it affect my sport?
  2. Yes, you should consume marijuana. I say consume because I think you should check out vaporizing so your lungs don't get trashed for wrestling. I actually was too a state wrestler in high-school.
    The actual affects of marijuana will totally affect you if you get high before a match. If it is insomnia you want to treat, at night you should use an indica to fall asleep MUCH easier. And for anxiety you have to be carefully because many new users have panic attacks from it so you will just have to be in a comfortable safe place and just enjoy the high and not fight it.
    You can though smoke a saliva before a run. I used to do that all the time, my buddy never really liked it.
    But hey it's not for everyone, you should totally try it out and sweet how you like it.

    P.S. Good luck and read around this forum for more info or ask me for any help.
    P.S.S Good luck with wrestling.

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