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Should I smoke?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ByTheOcean, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. I've been sick with a cold the past two days. Today, i just have a slight headache and a runny nose. It's friday, the week has been stressful and I'm contemplating rolling a joint and just relaxing to a movie. would smoking exacerbate my sickness?
  2. I've smoked a bowl while sick before. I found that it helped the headache and took away from the mindset of being sick. Give it a try! I always find that situational highs are fun to experiment with.
  3. I would already be rolling my second jay if I was in your situation. Hope you get better soon.
  4. yah smoke a little bit but don't aggravate yourself too hard, a little will definitely make u feel a bit better though. again though, don't smoke a ton, because smoking when ur sick is stressful on the body, keep it light, small hits.
  5. you can never go wrong with lighting up a few bowls
  6. I smoke all the time while sick and I feel it cures colds :) lol just don't smoke with a fever, otherwise your in for a bad time.
  7. light hits though, don't forget or your throat might feel real bad. haha.
  8. As long as your throat doesnt hurt and you arent coughing, you're good. Light up man.
  9. Nah if anything would make you feel better man, especially for that headache
  10. Got a cold myself and was feeling like shit. I just smoked a bowl and its made the headache go away and just improved how i feel in general. As it always does.

    Anyone know if its okay to take an expectorant such as mucinex after smoking?
  11. I smoked when I had the flu and it made it so much worse. Being high was great but the inhalation of the smoke is what did me in.

    Tokes just Aren't enjoyable when you're sick.
  12. It really helps a runny nose, and usually dulls the headache at the least.

    Plus you should get to sleep easy.
  13. If you have chest congestion and soreness in your throat, fill your bong with warm (not hot) water. Trust me, the smooth warm feeling of the smoke going through your passages is like heaven.
  14. Get high as hell! Peppermint tea afterword and a peanut butter sandwich maybe even chicken noodle soup and you'll be better in a day.
  15. although i dont normally recommenced vapes if you can while sick vapes are much better to use then any other device

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