Should I Smoke With My Dealer?

Discussion in 'General' started by Wtfbro, Jun 15, 2013.

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    I've never smoked with him but he's asked about my bong 3 times already and today he parked his car which was unusual and asked about my bong. I'm kind of nervous to let him in my house, but I would definately smoke with him anywhere besides my house. 
    He hasn't directly asked if he could smoke with me either, but he's hinted it at it.

  2. if you know him I wouldn't see the problem with it, I am sure he just wants to get down on a bong.. if you like just just just met him then maybe think about it harder.. Plus you get brownie points..
    Maybe see if you can bring it so his place as long as it's not too long of a drive with it.
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  3. I personally would be a little sketched out by it. How well do you know him?
  4. about 6-7 months now
  5. If he doesn't Seem that skechy, then you could smoke with him. I smoke with my dealer all the time. It's pretty cool because  he hooks me up eith great deals & your dealer would probably hook you up too
  6. He just wants to be your friend!
    and probably steal your bong.
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  7. you gotta smoke with your dealer at least once blade, smoked white widow with my dealer chill ass dude and really smart for a thug.
  8. dude smoke with him then next time you goto his place to buy weed he invites you to smoke good way to start gettin extra weed
  9. i always smoked out my dealers, 1st buy or 1000th
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  10. Its stoner etiquette.
    Especially if you known half year an shits cool.

    Colorado love!

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    treat your dealer like a person, not a piece of meat that sellsweed...damn
    if youve known dude for 6-7 months and still sketched bout lettin him smoke the shit he be sellin you in your crib you either need a new dealer or need to chill the fuck out
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  12. I have smoked with everybody I have ever delt with.
  13. why HAVEN'T you smoked with your dealer? i would be weirded out by a guy that always bought weed from me but i never seen him smoke it...
  14. yah man, I thought it was kinda a requirement that you smoked weed with your dealer at least once so to at least put him at ease.  He could think your a ci or a cop.
  15. Absolutely not. He's asking you about drugs and engaging in illegal behavior? Jeez, sounds like trouble.

    What is he, a drug dealer or something?
  16. Just smoke with him dude. I'm pretty anti social but I'll smoke a brotha out I mean, jesus christ my man.
  17. when i used to buy bud my dealer always busted out big time.although he didn't do it for many of his customers that i saw. he always tried to get my wife and i to hang out.
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    Depends on if you ask you or not, remember noone likes a Lingerer man!

    lol jk
    but yea id defiantly try to toke it up with him maybe you guys will become buddies and youll get your bags a lil cheaper in the future.
  19. Yeah watch you smoke with him and within a month your place is broken into.
    (Ive seen it happen, who you going to report that to?  Oh my dealer broke into my house stole some stuff)
    Just because you both do something illegal does not create some sort of odd brotherhood-ness.
    Chances are he wants to know if you have anything worth stealing.
    On the other hand you could just go ahead and smoke with him, he may just not know many worth knowing stoners and likes to hang out with you because your not an idiot.
    I smoke with dealers when buying if they offer.  If they offer more than a few times (seperate occasions) you should also offer whether it be at your house or your car or a park, its etiquette.
  20. Chances are he just wants to smoke with one of his fucking customers...
    Where did this "he wants to steal my shit" come in to play?

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