Should I smoke weed again?

Discussion in 'General' started by cjesusbro2000c, Mar 8, 2016.

  1. Alright, so to start off, I am craving for a puff. Its been 2-3 years since I smoked weed for the last time. I'm asking this question because I want to keep high grades and stuff but I don't want shame and trouble. Should I smoke weed again? ( I also want to know how much time THC and THC-COOH stay in your system if you are fat but exercice everyday) Thank you for mature, clear answers :)
  2. Yes

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  3. There is no set date for THC to clear out of your system it differs for everyone. i love smoking and i smoked throughout hs, i kinda wish i would have waited with all the study's coming out showing how it effects frontal lobe development in adolescents. Why will be shamed tho lol? Its your call man if u want my honest opinion, not to be a dick but if you have to ask this question and worry about DT's then maybe you should wait another few years till your situation permits. Best of luck to you op

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  4. just because you smoke a lil doesn't mean it has to be a everyday thing. Control yourself, dont go into school blitzed and browse dank memes n surf gc wait till u get home and do your homework, then spark up a jay chill out and reflect. YOU control your grades not fucking weed

    EDIT; i dont by any means condone underage smoking, just some thoughts.

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  5. Typically, traces of THC can be found though testing up to 30 days after use. This amount of time can vary from person to person but 30 days is the general rule of thumb.
    If you're considering blazing again, but don't want your grades to start slipping, I recommend smoking ( INDICA or INDICA DOM HYBRID) at night before you go to sleep. That way, you still get to enjoy being stoned but won't have to worry about fucking up your school work. :]
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  6. Thank you guys, btw I don't have any control problems with weed, but with depression and stuff I feel like it's the only escape. I'll be blazin soon. :bongin:
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  7. Stay safe bro, i think you made the right choice, welcome to the city.

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  8. Tyvm bro :p BTW is there a way to smoke out of household items? (no can pipes or aluminium)
  9. Yes, get some household change, go to nearest gas station, buy papers. Or disect cigs n roll with them papers. Or an apple pipe, tutorials all over internet. U can use a carrot, or basically anything thats fruit/food (obviously not like slices of pizza or anything haha) and hard that wont break apart when making the holes.

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  10. Look at your history of cannabis usage and productivity. If it's safe for you to smoke and you feel it won't disrupt your study habits/class attendance then by all means, toke. Nothing is worth destroying your future over, though. Be honest with yourself. Only you really know if it's a good idea or not. Just consider the consequences and go from there.
  11. If you are fat, the THC could stay in your system for a lot longer than 30 days. Exercising is great, but still, as a bigger person, you are high risk to fail a test, depending on your weight, even within 6 months to a year sometimes, again, depending on your weight.
  12. a year? probably in hair folicules because it doesnt stay that long in blood or pee as I know... But thank you for your answers :) and another question, is it safe to smoke out of a socket? (socket tool tip, making a bong with it)

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