Should i smoke w\ mom?

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  1. Ok all i'm mom is about 50. I know for a fact she smokes. I've walked in and smelt in the air and found leaves in the sink when it was only her home. I've also found a small stash in her drawer. I think she suspects I smoke but she doesnt know for sure. Now I wanna be foreward and let her know I smoke..cause then maybe I could smoke with her which would mean free weed! And also good bonding. But I have no idea how to go about it. My friends say I shouldnt do..that it will disapoint her. Any comments,ideas?
  2. Start by asking her what her feelings are concerning the Herb, take it from there! :smoking:
  3. she sounds cool to me, i'd ask. course thats my opinon.
  4. I wouldn't smoke with her, but i suggest you be upfront about your smoking with her.
  5. I agree, ask her what her thoughts on the herb are, and maybe even share your views first. If you confront her with "Mom I know you smoke, just admit it" she might be caught off guard and not sure what to say, not knowing how you'll react.

    Good luck! I don't know about smoking w/ her though, I would be kind of weirded out the first time at least.
  6. When you come in the house and smell that dangerous marijuana smoke, look at your ma and say, "Hey, what's that funny smell?" It isn't amazing how the stupid prohibitionist laws drive wedges between all of us? If you wanted to smoke tobacco or drink alcohol with her, there wouldn't be much question. Maybe you should suggest websites like this one to her. Also, good to check out,,,, or others listed on grass city links. This may be the best way to "break the ice." Hope this helps.
  7. I say just do it. It may be wierd at first, but be super understanding. I smoke with my kids and at first it was just wierd! But's awesome. We laugh and talk more than ever. Just be sensitive to her. Don't laugh at her. Laugh with her! As long as you know she's doing it, she will probally truly enjoy it.

    Be gentle, understanding, compassionate and caring. No mother can pass that up.

    Peace :smoke:
  8. i smoke with my old man, we have always been straight with eachother about drugs *well.. almost*
    he doesnt smoke anything else, or to my knowledge without me, its been a great experience, nothing like getting high and watching Family Guy with the old boy, plus it makes me laugh when he coughs or goes green :)

    smoke on...

  9. It's the absolute best to get high with your kids:) I decided I'm not going to get stoned with my kids friends though. That really started getting (I'm not hip with all your terms and I know there is one for this, but I don't know what it is so for lack of a better word...) freaky.

    So, I wanted to add that as a tip:D

  10. tell her, i did when i caught her and her friend having a joint, she doesnt smoke now, this was 10 years ago but i was giving her blow backs (English for reversing the J in your mouth and blowing to the recievers mouth) an hour later.

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  11. Well when I was younger my Mum and her friends smoked but not in front of me, I found out what they were doin so she was a bit more open and since I have always been responsible and open with my Mum she has been cool about drugs specially pot then finally about a month ago I found some J's on her TV and I asked her about it. It was a present from a friend lol and that night we went to bed early while my dad was watchin TV and she was suddenly craving so I half pressured (lol) her into sparking it up cuz I was OK with it and then I asked her to passs it and she did! I t was always one of mine and my friends dreams to have a session with ya mum and I did it, it was cool so all ya have to do is be open, understanding and mature about the whole thing. She should feel relaxed about it. Make sure shes not feelin guilty about it or be weird about it cuz if she does it's a bad idea, things will get weirder lol! Just be mature about it and she will be too Lol mature I can't believe dat is coming from my mouth! You know your situation so use your head!
  12. hey,i smoke with my mother ,but then again i'm an adult now.i just found out she smokes about a year ago now.i found a roach in the ashtray.i was like hey mom so you get high,she said no why do you think that?.i pulled out the roach and she had to admit it.i love smoking with mom and her's the best to get a buzz with the person who brought you into this world.we share a special thing now.i'd confront her but relize that maybe she is uncomfortable with the fact that you are still a teen and she is supposed to be the responsible one in that situation.she probably feels a need to tell you not to smoke up because she is mom...thats just 3 years of psychology classes talking.
  13. i had pretty much the same situation except w/ my dad i told him and we smoke together now it's really cool sometimes we just chill and play golf on the snes w/ one of my friends but sometimes he nags and bitches while we smoke and i don't like that shit but most of the time it's really cool
  14. I smoke it with my aunt all the time we are cool about it but your mam is summit different, my mam has caught me smoking it before but we still don't talk about it. The best thing to do is just go in stoned one day and see if she says out to ya.

  15. My friend is 19 and she knows that her dad smokes but she is not sure whether or not to discuss it with him because even though he smokes, he doesn't want her to smoke. Kind of a double standard if you ask me, but that is just how some parents are. They smoke and it is ok for them but they don't want to always just let their children smoke too, especially if they are only 16. But if you really wanna smoke with her, just ask her what she thinks about smoking marijuana and see how she responds to you.
  16. parents arent daft, they know what goes on in there kids lives, my kids are only infants but you still have to keep an open mind. I would feel hypocritical if i showed any contempt when i smoke myself. I'm sure your mum has witnessed you pinching a swig of her favorite wine. I would be concerned about smoking but only because of the nicotine and other risks attached.
    show her how much you love her by baking her a cake, dont forget the main ingredient.
  17. I smoke with my mother but I have known she has smoke since I was a little child. I did not smoke with my mother until I was 17 turning 18. She would smoke with my friends that were older and my brother but not me.
    I think it is fine but I would find out her opionon first because she may not want you to or what not.
    Like some had said before ask her views on it and then see if you wanna talk with or smoke with your mom.

  18. I think I'd go ahead and see if she wants to smoke with ya. Sounds like she's pretty cool. I agree that you should feel her out about it in general before actually doing it, though. I'm kind of envious, actually!
  19. That would be a trip to smoke with my mom I probably wouldn't want to do it...

  20. 9 years late :p

    Interesting, noone pointed out his age, was the age thing around back then. Or were they just not dicks?

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